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Playing While On The Move – A Traveller’s Dream?

Smartphones and tablets have drastically altered the way we do things, making many things easier to do while on the move. Shopping, banking, communicating with friends and family, or simply playing games, are all regularly performed while you are mobile. If you are traveling as a passenger in a car, by train, boat or coach, you can connect to your favourite online games, chat to your friends, or buy something new without getting out of your allocated seat.

Even some airlines, Emirates for instance, are now offering free wifi when you fly with them, which is a complete 180 from not so long ago when you couldn’t use the internet when you were flying.

We all know how boring long journeys can get and being able to play games, read the news or watch videos on your smart device can help to pass the time. You could have nothing to do for hours of your journey, except to go online.

Online gaming has been a revelation for players of all ages. Every sort of game you can imagine is available somewhere, many of them for free. Although the biggest demographic of players fall between 10 and 20 years old, there are different genres available online to appeal to players of all age groups.

24-7 Access To Play Whenever You Are Travelling

One of the big advantages of online gaming is it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more being asked to leave a casino at closing time, or having to leave an arcade because they are shutting the doors. Now you can go to whatever gaming page you want, including online casinos with games such as roulette and slots, massively multiplayer sandbox worlds, co-op mobile games and more. All this can be done wherever you are, and you can play to your heart’s content as long as you’re online. Play will not be affected by different time zones either, as there will always be someone somewhere in the world looking for other users to play multiplayer games with.

This certainly makes the prospect of a very long boat ride or plane journeys more pleasant. Travelling from Istanbul in Turkey to Sydney in Australia takes over 19 hours. That’s a lot of time to pass in a confined space, which can be made a lot more bearable by having access to your favourite digital games and services.

Will Cryptocurrencies Make It Easier?

Although Bitcoin is probably the best-known cryptocurrency, there are several others on the market. Will they make online gaming any easier? Bitcoin potentially could make paid online games easier and safer to access, in the case of in-game purchases or games that are played for real money. With Bitcoin the currency of the country you are in is irrelevant, and some sites prefer you play with Bitcoin. It saves the gaming sites money in costs as it eliminates transfer fees, and they are less likely to encounter fraud. These sort of benefits make them more profitable and they are able to pass some of that profit onto players in the form of bigger bonuses, and better win ratios. Using cryptocurrencies will make it easier to play, but more importantly, they will also make it more secure.

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