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3 Emerging Tourist Destinations in Romania

Countries of the former Communist bloc often find it hard to keep up with the rest of Europe when it comes to their offers to visitors and tourists. This is perhaps why countries like Romania are mostly unknown to the Western traveler. But times change, and these countries are rushing to gain upon their neighbors when it comes to the variety of destinations to visit, not to mention the quality of the accommodation they have to offer.

Technology-wise, they are already doing a great job, especially when it comes to internet connections. Today, it’s easier to play the online gambling casino games from All Jackpots in most Romanian towns, for example, than it is in many countries that are more advanced.

So, let us take a brief look at some of the emerging tourist destinations in Romania, the easternmost country of the European Union.


Perfect for: city breaks, thermal baths

Oradea is a city in the Western part of Romania with a variety of landmarks to visit, with its recently renovated medieval fortress, its many palaces brought back to their former glory, and its vast heritage of more than 1000 years to explore. For years, its historical buildings were dilapidated but the changes in the city’s leadership in the last decade have given the city a brand new look. It has become a tourist destination visited by many not only for its landmarks but for its spas with natural thermal water, too.

In the last couple of years, its airport has once again become international, receiving international flights of several low-cost airlines, along with charter flights from all over the world.


Perfect for: skiing, city breaks, hiking

Brasov is a city on the edge of the historic region of Transylvania, surrounded by mountains and vast, mostly untouched forests. It is another historic city with many landmarks to see, both in and around the city, like the first Romanian school, a rich ethnography museum, a fortress, an art museum, and the Bran castle in the city’s close vicinity, a former royal residence and currently a museum.

With its international airport still under construction, Brasov is easiest to reach by road and train.


Perfect for: hiking and winter sports

Sibiu is another city in Transylvania with a long history, established by German settlers in the area before the 14th century. It was an important trade center back in the day, the most important ethnic German city in the area. As such, it is a city filled with historic landmarks and museums. Besides, its proximity to the Fagaras Mountains makes it a popular “basecamp” for hiking and winter sports.

Sibiu has one of the most modern international airports in the country, with direct connections to Germany, Austria, the UK, and Spain. It is also easy to access by road and train.

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