5 Most Luxurious Gambling Destinations in the World

5 Most Luxurious Gambling Destinations in the World

Whether you are an experienced visitor to casinos or you are a newcomer who is interested in what this scene has to offer, working out where to head for a gambling-focused trip is tricky, because there are so many options available.

To help you create a compelling shortlist, here is a look at a selection of the top destinations that provide luxury and opulence in combination with world-class gambling opportunities.

lasvegas nightshot

Las Vegas, USA

No list of gambling destinations would be complete without a mention of Las Vegas, a city which is arguably the home of modern casino culture, and is not only favored by the most famous professional gamblers, but also attracts tourists and everyday punters from far and wide.

If you are looking for luxury, Las Vegas is the place to be, as it boasts some of the biggest and most over-the-top gambling complexes and resorts on the planet.

From the towering splendor and old-school charms of Caesars Palace, to the refined elegance of the Bellagio, there are hotels here that have rooms which cost an incredible $100,000 a night to stay in. The prices are justified by a combination of incredible views, vast suite sizes and the inclusion of artworks from renowned names.

Busan city view from sea with skyscrapers, best destination for play, work, live

Even casual attendees of the casinos in Vegas can drink in the decadence, whether wandering the faux canals of the Venetian or seeing the jaw-dropping sights of New York-New York.

Hippodrome Casino London

London, UK

A truly global city, London is the home of grand old buildings, stunning monuments, luxury hotels and of course casinos.

With favorable gambling regulations in the UK, there are places to play regardless of your budget, although of course if you are looking for high end experiences, options like the Hippodrome Casino could catch your attention and keep you occupied.


macauMacau, China

Although gambling is strictly controlled and largely outlawed in most of China, the region of Macau has special dispensation to operate casino resorts, and as a result it has risen to prominence as one of Asia’s best gambling destinations.

In fact, many of the resorts operating in Macau are run by the same brands as can be found in Las Vegas, although of course there are plenty of unique twists on the formula of luxury that has been established stateside.

In terms of architectural impact, the Grand Lisboa is perhaps the most prominent of Macau’s gambling houses, although if you are looking for something that is a little more traditional in terms of its design as well as its interior offerings, then the Macau Palace could tick all the boxes, as it actually floats!

monte carlo casino de monte carlo

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Tucked away in the wealthy European principality of Monaco, the appeal of Monaco is multifaceted, as it has effectively evolved to be a playground of the rich and famous over the course of the last century.

Today, it remains a hotspot for all sorts of luxurious experiences, and the Casino de Monte-Carlo is definitely at the top of the list in terms of its prestige and international renown.

Like a number of other small regions of the globe in which major casinos are permitted to operate, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is not only run by a state-owned organization, but is also not a place where residents are permitted to splash any cash. Instead the rarified gaming floors are reserved solely for the use of tourists, demonstrating the importance of the industry to Monaco as a whole.

If the Casino de Monte-Carlo isn’t for you, then there are a few other gambling venues in Monaco to check out, including the relatively chilled out vibe of Sun Casino, and the old fashioned excessiveness of the Casino Café de Paris.


Singapore nightSingapore

While not quite as packed with different casino resorts as some of the other destinations on this list, Singapore is nevertheless worth visiting simply to see the jewel in its gambling crown; the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Occupying a large complex close to the water’s edge, this resort is an unmistakable presence on the Singapore skyline thanks to the trio of towers which make up the main bulk of the building, and between which you can walk thanks to the sky deck which connects them all.

If you can tear your eyes away from the glorious profile that the hotel cuts against the night sky, within the casino you will find hundreds of table games and literally thousands of slots, as well as market-leading restaurants, bars and entertainment options galore.

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