Things to Do in Vegas

5 Out of the Box Ideas for Things to Do in Vegas

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination for a variety of reasons. This colorful and energetic city, known as the supreme playhouse, is an attractive destination for tourists interested in its entertainment, food, and nighttime activities.

While “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is true, people usually take with them a part of the hot, exciting, and ultimately beautiful city. With it being literally on almost everyone’s bucket list, people often fall into the pit of going there and staying in their hotel all the time. After all, the movies don’t usually dwell on much other than the ravaging parties and go-go dancers. However, Vegas does have a lot to offer.

What are the most exciting things you could do that would make your Vegas trip even more special? Let’s find out below.

The Neon Museum

It’s a haven for talented and novice photographers alike for its simple beauty. The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is a bit of a graveyard for old signs from the past. Illustrative Las Vegas signage is collected and studied by this non-profit organization for educational, historical, artistic, and cultural enrichment purposes. Alternatively, you may book a guided tour with the Neon Museum directly.

The Graceland Chapel

While getting married in Vegas might not be everyone’s cup of Tea, many Vegas visitors find themselves in this place for its unique charm, or perhaps nostalgia from all the sitcom and movie references.

Venetian Hotel Casino

While there are literally dozens of online slots, jackpot slot and live casino games right in your pocket thanks to mobile technology, a unique Vegas casino like the Venetian is still on another level. Nearby Treasure Island lies the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. It’s one of the city’s most beautiful resorts, and it’s home to a number of out-of-the-box activities. A Venice-themed shopping arcade is located on the first floor, replete with canals, gondoliers, blue sky, and gondolas. The Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, among others, are recreated at the hotel. And with two state-of-the-art casinos to choose from, you’re in for a treat.

In For A Desert Chase?

The Mini Baja Chase is for you if you’re looking for racing, thrill, and excitement. Custom-built Baja dune buggies will take you over some incredible dunes. 15,000 acres of desert await you, with the Strip visible from dunes’ peaks. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Red Rock Canyon and escape the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip. There will be plenty of photo opportunities along the 13-mile beautiful drive through Red Rock Canyon. And if trekking is not your thing, fret not, it will be a smooth ride. It’s a desert, after all, so don’t forget water and sun protection if you’re going in the daytime.

Commencing Countdown Engines On

How about a mechanical force worth 6000 horsepower shaking to your core? Sounds exciting? Then the Las Vegas Motorsportway is where you should head. In the eyes of spectators, the races are awe-inspiring because of the life-threatening stunts the drivers perform on the track. Increasing speeds in tight corners, you’ll be on the edge of your seat to the last second. Opposite to Formula 1 or other elite sports, the NASCAR drivers are relatable to the average fan. Requesting a picture or an autograph is no hassle. You won’t only be experiencing a genuine part of American ingenuity that started in the sixties, you will be enjoying a full-live show where the motors roar and the brakes screech coherent melodies.

Neon lights and famous attractions along the Strip are likely to be the focus of your Las Vegas visit. However, not everything in Vegas is around gambling. There are other attractions. Ride a gondola at The Venetian or soak in the view of Las Vegas from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Las Vegas. In the end, every trip should be a unique one, so add the activities we mentioned on your Vegas itinerary to ensure an out-of-this-world trip.

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