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Advantages of international travel for Young People

A new study titled ‘The Power of Travel’ uncovered the impact of travel on young travelers. Contiki commissioned the study, advised by leading social psychologist Adam Ganlinsky, PhD, Columbia Business School, surveying 3,000 18-35 year olds around the world.

The findings uncover the profound positive impact travel has on young people – from their careers, learning goal orientation and political involvement to their self-efficacy, interracial connection, open-mindedness and cultural awareness.

The study reveals the overwhelming positive influence that international travel stimulates; key insights ascertain that those who travel have a more positive perception of themselves, their place in the world (75 percent) and what they can achieve in life (25 percent). Findings prove that young travelers have stronger interpersonal relationships and actively seek out new friendships (42 percent). They’re more successful in their careers, as they’re better equipped with more marketable skills, such as adaptability, open-mindedness and creative thinking – and they aren’t afraid to take on new challenges. Their increased trust of different cultures and political involvement lends them to be more globally and economically aware. Over all, they are 19 percent happier than their peers who have not traveled internationally.

“It’s evident through our research and 55+ years of expertise that travel transforms the traveler and the traveler transforms the world,” says Adam Cooper, Contiki U.S. president. “We’re thrilled to launch a campaign that celebrates the importance of unifying the world and creating young global citizens.”

To visually demonstrate the transformative power of travel, Contiki identified one New Yorker who had never left the U.S. and gave him the chance to step outside his routine and travel on a Contiki trip.  In partnership with one of the world’s brightest young documentary filmmakers and former VICELAND producer, Tom Gould– the brand created a film that follows José Baez as he travels through Europe’s Adriatic coast.

The Video features José experiencing new cultures, people, and food in a new environment.  The result? – an empowering portrayal that encapsulates the core reasons of why travel is such a crucial experience for young people.

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