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America’s 100 Most Budget Friendly Cities for Christmas Celebrations

As the holiday season approaches, the quest for the most budget friendly cities for Christmas celebrations becomes a priority for many. With spending during the festive period expected to hit a staggering $957 billion, finding cheap Christmas trips is more important than ever.

To aid in this festive quest, WalletHub compared over 100 of the biggest U.S. cities on 28 key factors, including traditions, shopping, and costs, to reveal America’s most budget-friendly cities for Christmas celebrations.

100 Most Budget Friendly Cities for Christmas

Overall RankCityTotal ScoreTraditions & Fun RankObservance RankGenerosity RankShopping RankCosts Rank
1Atlanta, GA62.318265570
2Pittsburgh, PA62.072337928
3Orlando, FL60.6741068281
4Las Vegas, NV60.5934463138
5San Francisco, CA57.9426841193
6St. Louis, MO57.80215221447
7Seattle, WA57.7798011397
8Chicago, IL56.16593101740
9Miami, FL56.10624751088
10Birmingham, AL55.97551323320
11Los Angeles, CA53.6679528475
12New Orleans, LA53.62137713266
13Cincinnati, OH53.462412491850
14Denver, CO53.241170242268
15New York, NY52.9319833100
16Honolulu, HI52.70172281889
17Buffalo, NY52.37402572969
18Washington, DC52.35125125796
19San Diego, CA51.26108847690
20Minneapolis, MN50.792519414462
21Portland, OR50.591571181292
22Virginia Beach, VA49.93325894515
23St. Paul, MN49.52458433060
24Tulsa, OK49.41692059312
25Colorado Springs, CO49.37564529343
26San Antonio, TX49.351872802032
27Cleveland, OH49.213311505642
28Wichita, KS49.1479694581
29Tampa, FL49.142613402695
30Phoenix, AZ49.03148739791
31Austin, TX48.691969561673
32Nashville, TN48.342849333561
33Louisville, KY48.194748352422
34Dallas, TX48.081673422384
35Raleigh, NC47.984231213678
36Houston, TX47.89229078217
37Durham, NC47.846517347431
38Greensboro, NC47.82509897421
38Scottsdale, AZ47.825174111551
40Omaha, NE47.384333543844
41Sacramento, CA47.373546461965
42Anaheim, CA47.322940724123
43Reno, NV47.174964263913
44Indianapolis, IN47.054179154325
45Oklahoma City, OK46.826438603710
46Chesapeake, VA46.644841179134
47Charlotte, NC46.283750362863
48Tucson, AZ46.213447732545
49Memphis, TN46.205829446736
50Fort Worth, TX46.076054306314
51Santa Ana, CA46.04315564788
52Baltimore, MD45.993653375439
53Oakland, CA45.836336145583
54Irvine, CA45.743060195271
55El Paso, TX45.497415844726
56Philadelphia, PA44.872083524087
57San Jose, CA44.683967134286
58Newark, NJ44.558246210077
59Fort Wayne, IN44.498427827611
60Norfolk, VA44.424618538282
61Albuquerque, NM44.356223972743
62Milwaukee, WI44.204435587074
63Plano, TX44.126775165329
64Baton Rouge, LA43.867232854933
65Kansas City, MO43.735439777237
66Columbus, OH43.683886514630
67Long Beach, CA43.545930765067
68Madison, WI43.45618266856
69Boston, MA43.03278586198
70Bakersfield, CA42.846816997335
71Lubbock, TX42.777642796527
72Lincoln, NE42.617376238718
73Fresno, CA42.57884388695
74Jacksonville, FL42.545759484854
75Corpus Christi, TX42.34952898856
76Boise, ID42.127037615179
77Jersey City, NJ41.678556208957
78Toledo, OH41.529414869249
79Riverside, CA40.778925916448
80St. Petersburg, FL40.745334697794
81Winston-Salem, NC40.609221909053
82Anchorage, AK39.916677556064
83Gilbert, AZ39.507894278812
84Mesa, AZ39.488662456655
85Lexington-Fayette, KY39.437163675972
86Irving, TX38.979381259924
87Garland, TX38.919778389719
88Chandler, AZ38.738092317141
89Fremont, CA38.659691128358
90Glendale, AZ38.548184836216
91Aurora, CO37.95918966819
92Arlington, TX37.878766658459
93Detroit, MI37.595252939580
94Stockton, CA37.468357967946
95Henderson, NV35.98909774804
96Laredo, TX34.4499611008617
97Chula Vista, CA33.377796709376
98San Bernardino, CA32.1110065959685
99North Las Vegas, NV28.199899929852
100Hialeah, FL26.6675100879499

Atlanta, GA: A Blend of Affordability and Festivity

Atlanta, GA, affectionately known as The Big Peach, tops our list. Renowned for its superb shopping and activity opportunities, Atlanta offers a wealth of festive experiences that don’t strain the wallet. From its largest outdoor ice rink at Centennial Olympic Park, adorned with twinkling lights and set against a backdrop of skyscrapers, to its numerous bakeries and holiday decoration shops, Atlanta exemplifies affordable Christmas cheer.

Pittsburgh, PA: Tradition Meets Budget-Conscious Celebration

Pittsburgh, PA, takes the second spot, merging tradition with cost-effectiveness. The Steel City is bustling with holiday markets like the Peoples Gas Holiday Market and the Handmade Arcade, offering unique gifts at reasonable prices. Additionally, Pittsburgh hosts several special events like the “Holiday Magic! Winter Flower Show and Light Garden,” and performances of “A Musical Christmas Carol,” catering to budget-conscious revelers.

Orlando, FL: Affordable Fun in the Sun

Orlando, FL, known for its theme parks, ranks third. While Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort might seem like pricey options, Orlando offers numerous budget-friendly alternatives. These include festive lights displays, parades, and ice sculptures, ensuring that families can soak in the holiday spirit without overspending.

Tips for Saving on Your Christmas Celebrations

To further assist with cost-effective holiday planning, consider these tips:

  1. Create a Budget and Set Limits: Establish spending limits to control finances. Opt for a Secret Santa gift exchange to reduce gift expenses.
  2. Be on the Lookout for Sales and Discounts: Utilize sales, promotions, coupons, and cashback programs for additional savings.
  3. Consider DIY and Second-Hand Gifts: Embrace homemade crafts or thrift store finds for unique, budget-friendly gift ideas.
  4. Be Flexible to Save on Travel: Look for less popular travel days and book flights and hotels together for better deals.
  5. Make a Meal Plan: Plan holiday meals in advance, shop sales, and consider potluck-style gatherings to share costs.
  6. Use Credit Cards Wisely: Select credit cards with rewards or 0% APR offers, and be cautious of deferred interest in retailer financing.

The full report is here: https://wallethub.com/edu/best-places-for-christmas/41924

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