Old Municipal Street Deira Dubai

Dubai’s Deira Unveils Tourist-Friendly Old Municipal Street

Dubai Municipality has announced the completion of the Old Municipal Street renovation in Deira, transforming it into a vibrant commercial and pedestrian tourist destination.

The project extends from the Ras area to the famous Gold Market, offering visitors an enhanced experience of Dubai’s rich heritage.

The renovation includes new street paving, the addition of a grand entrance gate, improved lighting, and the incorporation of heritage elements like the notable Al Mandus.

The area now features traditional seating and heritage-inspired umbrellas, inviting tourists to explore the historical ambiance of one of Dubai’s most storied neighborhoods.

H.E. Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, emphasized the strategic importance of the Old Municipal Street project as part of a broader initiative to rejuvenate Deira and Bur Dubai’s historic areas, as well as various heritage sites and markets across the emirate. Al Hajri said: “We are working towards making Dubai more attractive and aesthetic by providing attractive and integrated facilities while preserving the Emirate’s historical architectural identity. This is to cement the status of Dubai as a premier global tourist destination that seamlessly merges contemporary allure with ancient cultural landmarks.”

To complement the Old Municipal Street’s transformation, Dubai is also witnessing a surge in new hotel developments. These new Dubai hotels are designed to cater to the needs of modern travelers, offering luxurious accommodations and amenities that highlight the emirate’s commitment to tourism growth. With a focus on sustainability and cultural immersion, these new properties aim to provide guests with a deeper understanding of Dubai’s heritage, while ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay.

Revival of Heritage Markets

He added: “Our main objective to revitalize the historic municipal street is to breathe new life into the traditional markets and landmarks of Dubai, while also enhancing the tourist experience through innovative approaches. This involves enriching the area’s visual appeal with heritage-inspired elements that capture its unique identity, integrating recreational amenities, and creating pedestrian-friendly spaces. Additionally, we aim to activate and stimulate the adjacent markets to boost tourism attraction to the region.

The project’s goal is to rejuvenate Dubai’s traditional markets and landmarks, enhancing the tourist experience with heritage elements and recreational facilities.

It aims to create pedestrian-friendly zones and stimulate the adjacent markets, thereby increasing tourism and encouraging business expansion in the area.

The street has been fully paved and closed to vehicle traffic to improve visitor experiences and boost commercial activity, reflecting the street’s new character. This initiative supports the tourism sector by making the area more accessible and attractive to tourists and investors alike.

Situated in Deira’s Al Ras area, the Old Municipal Street serves as a gateway to several heritage markets along Dubai Creek. These markets, including the Gold, Dates, Fragrances, Al Ras, and Spices markets, are key tourist attractions that showcase Dubai’s historical depth and the UAE’s authentic identity.

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