More German travelers will tour the USA

Germany to USA Travel Hits Pre-pandemic Numbers, Focuses on Sustainability

The resurgence of travel from Germany to the United States has achieved a significant milestone, reaching pre-pandemic levels.

At the recent ITB Berlin event, US Ambassador to Germany, Amy Gutmann, highlighted that over two million German tourists have ventured to the US, nearing 85% of the 2019 figures.

US Ambassador to Germany, Amy Gutmann

Gutmann revealed promising initial booking results for the year, anticipating a full recovery to 100% by 2024.

The target is to welcome 2.59 million German tourists to the US by 2028, showcasing the enduring appeal of American destinations.

In her address, Gutmann underscored the United States’ commitment to sustainable tourism. She cited Springville, Utah, as a prime example, where stargazing is promoted due to its pristine, dark skies unaffected by artificial light and enhanced by the naturally dry air.

Gutmann, a staunch Democrat and political scientist, stressed the role of tourism in fostering growth and bridging divides caused by differing political systems. She advocated for tourism as a vehicle for promoting understanding and cooperation.

Cities across the US, even those beyond the bustling coastal metros, are actively enhancing their appeal to tourists. Philadelphia, for instance, has transformed into the “World Capital of Murals,” countering illegal graffiti with artistic endeavors, thanks to city support and over 4,000 murals created to date.

Meanwhile, St. Louis is leveraging its iconic Gateway Arch and Route 66 to promote the authentic American experience. The city also highlights its cultural heritage through the National Blues and National Automobile Museums, offering a unique blend of historical and modern attractions.

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