Egyptian tourist killed Israeli tourists

Israeli Tourists Ambushed by Policeman in Historic Alexandria


A rogue Egyptian policeman targeted Israeli tourists in the historic Mediterranean city of Alexandria. The unprovoked attack led to the tragic deaths of two Israeli citizens and one Egyptian national. Additionally, another Israeli tourist sustained injuries during the assault.

The attack took place at the renowned Pompey’s Pillar site, a significant archaeological landmark in Alexandria that attracts thousands of tourists every year. The site, which stands as a testament to the city’s rich history, became the backdrop for this unexpected and tragic event.

According to reports from both Israeli and Egyptian authorities, the assailant began firing indiscriminately at the tourists. The rapid response of the local security forces led to the swift apprehension of the rogue officer. The immediate aftermath of the attack was chaotic, with graphic footage emerging on social media platforms. The videos depicted two individuals lying motionless on the ground, while another injured person was seen being assisted by a group of bystanders. The distressing scenes were accompanied by the desperate cries of a woman calling for an ambulance.

The incident has elicited a wide range of reactions on various social media platforms. While many condemned the senseless act of violence, some users expressed support for the attack, reflecting the complex and often polarized views surrounding the Israeli-Egyptian relationship. Renowned Egyptian writer and TV host, Ibrahim Issa, took to social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to label the attack a “terrorist crime.” He further emphasized that any attempt to justify such an act would be tantamount to a “crime against humanity and the nation.”

Amr Magdi, a researcher associated with Human Rights Watch, also voiced his condemnation of the attack. He stated unequivocally on the same platform, “No justification whatsoever for intentionally targeting Israeli civilians in #Egypt, Gaza or anywhere else.”

The tragic event in Alexandria comes at a time of heightened tensions in the region. Israel is currently engaged in a confrontation with Palestinian militants, following a significant incursion from the Gaza Strip. The dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have historically influenced public sentiment in Egypt. Despite Egypt being the first Arab nation to establish peace with Israel in the 1970s and often playing the role of mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, anti-Israeli sentiment remains prevalent, especially during periods of escalated violence between Israel and the Palestinians.

The recent attack underscores the fragile nature of peace in the region and highlights the challenges faced by both nations in navigating their complex relationship. As investigations continue, many hope that this incident will serve as a catalyst for renewed efforts towards peace and understanding between the two nations.

Following the tragic shooting incident in Alexandria that claimed the lives of two Israeli tourists, Israel swiftly advised its citizens in Egypt to depart immediately. The Prime Minister’s office, echoing the sentiments of the National Security Council (NSC), strongly suggested that “those currently in both mainland Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula consider cutting their visits short and exiting the country without delay.”

Furthermore, the statement emphasized the importance of Israelis refraining from traveling to nations currently under NSC travel advisories. Highlighting the ongoing conflict, the statement expressed growing apprehensions about potential threats from terrorists and individual attackers in various global locations. As a precautionary measure, Israelis overseas were advised to remain vigilant, minimize their visibility in public spaces, and prioritize their safety.

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