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Italy and Spain Now Cheaper than Türkiye for Holidays

Recent research in the UK has unveiled that destinations traditionally seen as expensive, such as Italy and Spain, now offer cheaper vacation options compared to Türkiye.

The consumer advocacy group Which? conducted the study to analyze the cost of summer vacations. Their findings, widely reported by leading British newspapers including The Telegraph, highlighted the best-priced holiday packages across 15 countries by comparing around 4,500 tour packages.

According to the research by Which?, the Greek island of Kalimnos emerged as the most affordable destination. A one-week stay in August, including flights and transfers, averaged at £847 per person. Surprisingly, no destinations in Türkiye or Portugal made the top ten for budget-friendly vacation spots.

The research also noted that the Costa Brava in Spain and Italy’s Amalfi Coast, generally regarded as pricey, now offer holiday packages that are cheaper than those found in traditionally lower-cost destinations like Bulgaria and Türkiye.

Despite its reputation for high costs, the Amalfi Coast is now accessible to budget travelers, thanks to a variety of accommodation options and discount possibilities.

The region also benefits from a multitude of affordable flights. Known for its UNESCO-listed coastline, the Amalfi Coast encompasses 13 towns, including Positano, one of the most expensive places to stay.

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