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Japan’s Tourism Boom: Record-Breaking 3 Million Visitors in March

Japan has witnessed a surge in tourism, with 3,081,600 overseas visitors arriving in March alone, marking a significant 69.5% increase from the previous year.

This record-breaking figure surpasses the 3 million threshold for the first time, exceeding the previous monthly record set in July 2019.

The cherry blossom season, a prime time for visiting Japan, coincides with this surge, despite a late start this year.

The weakening yen has also played a crucial role in attracting more tourists from countries like South Korea, Taiwan, and various Western nations.

Looking forward, Japan’s government aims to break the annual record of 31.9 million visitors set in 2019, potentially reaching this milestone as early as 2024. This ambitious goal seems increasingly attainable as visitor numbers continue to climb.

South Korea leads in the number of tourists visiting Japan, contributing 663,100 visitors. Taiwan follows with 484,400 visitors, while visitor numbers from China have rebounded to 65% of their pre-pandemic levels. See the report for other countries.

In the first quarter of 2024, tourists spent a record ¥1.75 trillion (approx. US$11.4 billion), averaging ¥208,760 (US$1,358) per visitor. This increase in spending is attributed to the depreciated yen and longer average stays by visitors.

Notably, Australians topped the list in spending, averaging ¥373,000 (US$2,426) per visitor. British and Spanish tourists followed closely, underscoring the diverse international appeal of Japan’s tourist attractions.

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