Rummana Campsite

Leading Glamping Sites to Visit in the Middle East

Gone are the days when camping had to be rough and uncomfortable. You can now enjoy the restorative qualities of nature while wrapped up with snuggly blankets in a plush bed.

There are no limits to the comforts that can be enjoyed in some of the leading camping sites in the Middle East, from personal chefs to Jacuzzis and air-conditioning. Sit back, and let us tell you more about some of the leading glamorous camping or “glamping” spots in the Middle East.

Jebel Hafit, Desert Park

Set at the foot of Jebel Hafit in Al Ain, this glamping facility spans 9 kms of the UAE’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site. While enjoying the serene and picturesque atmosphere, you will learn about Neolithic artefacts dating back 8,000 years. You can also go hiking, biking, horseback riding, or take a guided buggy excursion deeper into the desert. Come back to your Bedouin-style tent and soak up the beautiful desertland stretched out all around you.

Rummana Campsite, Jordan

This gem is set in the heart of the Dana Biosphere Reserve, a 300 km2 nature park that spans Mediterranean and Arabian landscapes. Rummana is said to have been a favourite among the Bedouins and their grazing goats, and it is still drawing in crowds today. Guests can settle into one of 20 tents on this site, each comfortably furnished with ample pillows, blankets and mattresses. Entertainment options include hikes, guided excursions, and hearty Arabian cuisine that is available upon request.

Longbeach Campground, Ras Al Khaimah

This full-on glamping location is set along the beach with a pool, water park obstacle course, and an outdoor spa onsite. Guests can choose from the different tiers of tents available, from standard ‘Authentic Tents’—which are definitely not basic with their king-size beds and views of the sea—to the top-tier ‘Safari Suite’ with its private garden, sitting area and bathroom. Dining al fresco and lounging at the poolside bar are just some of the exciting things you can do in this beautiful desert location.

Starlight Camp, Dubai

Fancy a romantic getaway in a luxurious dome tent surrounded by the endless beauty of the desert? Head to this top-tier glamping site. From within the modern dome tents, you can see miles of quiet desertland all around you in the day and gaze at the beautiful constellations at night. Wake up bright and early to a nature hike or some fun activities in the dunes. When the sun sets, you are guaranteed a homely blazing fire and soft blankets to snuggle up with. This facility is also dog-friendly, so feel free to bring your furry friend along!

Arabian Nights Village, Abu Dhabi

More than just a campsite, this glamping facility evokes a sense of community with its village setup. The tent-like abodes of this Bedouin-inspired campsite are rustic on the outside. Step inside, however, and you will be pleasantly surprised. Each dwelling has a large bed, opulent textiles and a private bathroom. Air conditioning and housekeeping are also available upon request, so this is definitely no ordinary camping trip. Enjoy Emirati cuisine, live music and desert explorations in a 4×4 or on camelback. When you return, there will be a warm bath waiting for you!

Moon Retreat, Sharjah

Go gently into glamping at this eco-luxury facility in Mleiha, Sharjah. Moon Retreat is for the budding campers who long for a desert adventure. You can occupy one of the 10 dome tents—4 of which have been specifically furnished for families—and enjoy all the basic amenities you may need for a smooth glamping experience. Some tents also have a private pool and barbeque grill, unless you prefer to cook your meat over a communal bonfire while interacting with fellow glampers.

Maghdoucheh, Lebanon

The green hills of Maghdoucheh, 50 km south of Beirut, offer three different types of camping accommodation to anyone seeking a relaxing glamping experience. Bayrock is situated against a stonewall to allow campers to take in the surroundings, while Skydeer’s transparent roof allows its inhabitants to gaze at the stars all night. Panoramica offers the most luxurious glamping experience of the 3, with its own balcony, private bathroom and air conditioning. Prop up by the shared bamboo bar or get cosy around the firepit while taking in the 37 acres of rolling green hills surrounding you.

Terra Solis, Dubai

If you’re looking to experience something new in the glamping space, then look out for the opening of Dubai’s upcoming Terra Solis. This resort will officially open in September of 2022 and is located in the heart of the Arabian dunes. This glamping spot was inspired by a beautiful star constellation, and will be welcoming guests from all over the world to come and gaze at the stars from its exquisite poolside. Terra Solis will be opened by the Tomorrowland music festival in Dubailand, Al Yufra.

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