Schengen visa information for traveling in European Union

Schengen Visa Price Increase Expected in 2024

Travelers from certain non-EU countries should prepare for a hike in Schengen visa prices this year, as the European Commission has proposed raising the basic fee.

This increase would see adult visa costs escalate from €80 to €90 and children’s fees from €40 to €45. Additionally, stricter penalties are planned for countries with poor readmission cooperation, with fees potentially soaring even higher.

For countries which have not demonstrated cooperation in citizen readmission, the cost will increase from €120 to €135 and from €160 to €180.

Schengen visas are required for citizens from non-EU countries that do not benefit from the EU and Schengen area’s 90-day visa-free rule.

These include nationals of Turkey, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and China.

When Schengen Visa Prices Rise?

The proposal for an increase in Schengen visa fees was presented by the European Commission on February 2nd, following a supportive consensus from member state experts in a December meeting.

The European Commission has opened this initiative for public feedback until March 1, allowing EU citizens to express their views on the proposed increases. Should the proposal move forward, the new fees would come into effect 20 days after their publication in the Official Journal of the European Union, potentially making the price adjustments a reality within the same year of 2024.

This proposed increase in visa fees is attributed to the need to offset rising inflation within the EU and is part of a triennial review process by the Commission to adjust Schengen visa costs accordingly.

What about Service Fees of Visa Centers?

The Commission also proposed allowing external visa service providers to raise their service fees in alignment with these changes, suggesting an increase in the maximum amount they can charge from €40 to €45, while the fee for a Schengen visa extension is to remain unchanged at €30.

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