The Best Must-See Spots in Cambodia

The Best Must-See Spots in Cambodia

Phnom Penh is beautiful, but there’s beauty & history waiting for you in every corner of Cambodia. Go and see it for yourself!

Nature, history, beauty, and thrilling adventures await you wherever you decide to venture in Cambodia. From taking the Mekong Express and beyond, there’s more than you can truly experience in just a few trips.

Whether you want to find yourself venturing into remnants of days long gone, kick back at the beach after days of moving around, or spend time somewhere more casual & laid back than the bigger cities, this country has a place for you.

You’ll only be able to discover it, though, once you leave the comfort of Phnom Penh & let your wings spread!

That being said, there’s no use telling you that unless we tell you where you can go, and we happen to have a few options in mind.

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Siem Reap

People looking to do historical tours of Cambodia are likely to have this town on their itinerary already since it’s the point of entry for those that want to view the beloved Angkor temples.

What some might not know, though, is that the town has become an exciting & enjoyable destination in its own right, mainly due to the tourism brought about by the temples.

Perhaps the most famous attraction outside of the nearby temples, Phare the Cambodian Circus has some similarities to Cirque du Soleil, except the productions they put on are very uniquely Cambodian, with subtle messages about their society weaved into each piece.

They also have the Angkor National Museum, a state-of-the-art cultural center that features artifacts & various works of art from across Cambodia’s history.

For the agriculturally inclined amongst you, the Angkor Silk Farm offers free daily tours that show every stage of silk production, including harvesting, processing, dyeing & weaving.

Sihanoukville 2223814 640


You can only walk through temples for so long until you need a break, and where better to find that relaxation than the pristine coastal town of Sihanoukville? Some tourists call it Snookieville, but we’d suggest learning the true name if you don’t want to stick out like several sore thumbs.

You can find some of the best beaches in Cambodia here, and while you can’t walk comfortably between them, you can find bike taxis that’ll move you around for $1 USD, or regular cabs for large groups or further distances that won’t run you more than a flat rate of $5 USD.

You’ll enjoy tropical weather whenever you decide to go, although you should note that July brings temperatures up to 95ºF, or 35ºC.

Battambang temple 2579529


Lastly, this is an ideal mini-destination for people who have a couple of days to spare after checking out Siem Reap.

There are hidden gems all around, and since the area is not a widely popular tourist destination, you’ll be able to experience them on an intimate level. Wat Banan Temple, for instance, has much of the appeal of Angkor Wat without the droves of people surrounding you.

Then there’s the Bamboo Train, which is, well, a train made out of bamboo. To be fair, it’s not a full train, rather flat carts that people can sit on during the ride.

If you’re around during dusk, you can also find your way to the Bat Cave & watch thousands of bats journey to the rice fields from seats nestled away from the cave’s opening.

Safe travels!

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