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The most beautiful casinos in Europe you have to visit on your next trip

Gamblers frequent casinos with the hope of winning the lottery. In 2008, a Londoner named Ashley won £1,153,153 from Fifty London Casino.

Odds may seem so low, but that has not stopped any gambler from trying to win millions. Most winners usually continue to gamble since they believe they have a superb winning streak.

Even though the aim of visiting a casino is to try and win, some people only visit casinos they find aesthetically pleasing. No person would want to gamble from a hut even though it was an actual legal casino. If you intend to visit Europe to try your luck against your odds, we will identify five beautiful casinos from Europe as well as their characteristics below.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco, France

Have you watched any James Bond movies? In most James Bond movies, James Bond visits the casino. His favourite casino game is Baccarat chemin-de-fer. You may be wondering what this casino has to do with the famous secret service agent. This casino inspired the James Bond writer, Ian Fleming, to write the movie Casino Royale apart from a few other reasons. Other James Bond movies that were shot in this casino include Never Say Never and Goldeneye.

Unlike most casinos, anyone can tour the place and you do not need to play. During your tour, you will see a huge atrium. In the atrium, there is a bar that sells all types of alcohol. Children may see the bar, but they will be blocked from drinking.

Near the atrium is an old building called Salle Renaissance. In the building, there is a slot machine that you can play with at no cost. In the same room, there is a spacious restaurant which serves both local and international foods. The restaurant is decorated in a boudoir style, so the arrangement alone beautifies the place.

Casino di Venezia, Italy

It is generally considered the oldest casino in the world as it began its operations in 1638. By looking at the casino, you will be left asking yourself whether it is a castle. In the past, the building served as a home for Italian royalty so it wasn’t always a casino.

The casino has still retained its classic Italian design such as embellished pillars, a private garden and mirrors made by Murano glassmakers. It is a grand casino with plenty of space to accommodate various table games like slot machines and roulettes. Just like the above casino, there are dining rooms.

Casino de Spa, Belguim

It first began as a relaxation centre, hence the term ‘spa’ in its name. The wealthy people typically visit the casino to enjoy the cold springs. Before you get into the casino, there are potted plants neatly arranged near the entrance.

Even though people visit the casino mainly for its spa, there are other recreational centres. For instance, there is a restaurant named La Brasserie du Casino. Apart from enjoying their meals, you can also enjoy the panoramic view of the area. You get the best of both worlds; enjoying the aesthetic appeal of the casino as well as the entire city of Wallone, Belgium. Other recreational centres within the casino include a ballroom, theatre and a cultural centre.

Casino at the Empire, London, UK

If you would like a taste of the Victorian Era designs, then this casino is the one to consider. Its entrance has columns and a dome-shaped figure. It was initially only a music hall but it was since expanded to include games, restaurants, bars and many more.

If you want to enjoy the view of London while in the casino, you can get a VIP-like bar setting such that you can see Leicester Square. In this bar section, your seat will be reserved by the balcony. The casino is generally considered the liveliest in the country and it operates 24/7.

The design of the casino is reminiscent of the Las Vegas Casino. If you happen to be in the UK and you want the Las Vegas feeling, you now know where to tour.

Casino Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal

With Portugal reporting record high tourism numbers, this casino will leave a lot of people’s mouth gaping in amazement. In the entrance section, you will see a series of water fountains. Below the fountains are neon lights so the water jets appear extremely colourful. The name of the casino is also branded with huge colourful neon fonts. Just like Casino de Monte Carlo, Ian Fleming was also inspired by the casino’s décor style in his book, Casino Royale. The poker room is praised for its elegance and there are ten bars and restaurants to choose from. You also have over a thousand slot games to choose from.


If you intend to start a casino or already have one, you may have to consider beautifying it. For instance, how many tenants have refused to live in houses that were run down or not painted despite the rent being affordable? Quite many, you may say. The same principle applies to casinos. If your casino is not visually appealing, people will be turned off and look elsewhere. It does not even matter how many games or recreational centres you may have. To enhance a casino’s beauty, you do not need to build another structure. Through planting gardens or installing water fountains around your casino, clients are likely to be wowed and visit often.

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