The Most Beautiful Neighborhoods in Barcelona

Traveling is the answer you are looking for if you feel stuck in your routine and find yourself craving a new adventure. Getting to know foreign lands and cultures is a thrilling experience, no matter your social background or age.

And even more so if you take advantage of it to learn a new language, such as Spanish.

Study Spanish in Barcelona

Learning Spanish language in Barcelona is a great decision to have fun and gain mastery of a new skill. Expanish school offers you the chance to do so, at your own pace and with courses specially designed to suit your needs.

It does not matter if you have not had any previous contact with the language or if you feel you can already speak it. There are all types of courses that you can choose from. The first step is to take the free online test that will help Expanish place you at your level and recommend you the best courses for you.

Group and individual lessons are available at any time; the choice is up to you. Individual studies should be ideal if you prefer to work in solitude and have one-on-one guidance through your learning process.

If, on the other hand, you wish to enrichen your process and interact with peers from all over the world, group lessons are just what you are looking for. The groups tend to be a perfect size, which is the ideal opportunity to meet new people.

Either option you choose, you will surely be part of many social and extra-curricular activities. Expanish School organizes tours through the city and evenings in iconic local bars where you can enjoy a cold beer and a selection of tapas. Also, you will have access to all the common areas of Expanish School, where you can chat and relax between lessons.

If you are up for it, you will make friends and connections that will last for a lifetime.

If you have any questions regarding the program needing specific aid regarding accommodation and other tips for your stay in Barcelona, do not hesitate to contact the staff at Expanish School. The team is ready to assist you and guide you every step of the way and throughout the whole registration process.

For further information, visit the Expanish website and check out the reviews and comments of former students who study Spanish in Barcelona. This will give you a broader idea of what this experience is about. Also, you can check the social media hashtags.

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Why Barcelona?

One of the most exciting cities to visit is Barcelona. Barcelona is located in Spain and near many other fabulous European destinations. Famous for its fantastic landscapes and vibrant atmosphere, art is in every corner of Barcelona is located in Spain and near many other great European destinations. City.

The weather is pleasant all year round, but during the summer and spring months, the city comes to life and offers a variety of outdoor activities for locals and tourists. So, if you are planning a trip to this city, from May to September would be best.

Barcelona is waiting for you! If it will be the first time you visit this amazing city, here is a guide to all the must-see spots and best neighborhoods of Barcelona. Depending on how extended your stay will be, you can also study Spanish.

●      Gràcia

Considered by the locals the most excellent neighborhood in the city, Gràcia has a lot to offer. It is chic but also bohemian. The streets are narrow and specially designed for pedestrians, and it is the chosen place for young families due to its many playgrounds and green areas surrounding the buildings.

Nevertheless, many foreign professionals and students seek a place there to live. The international cuisine is excellent, and there are plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from. Gràcia is familiar and eclectic, perfect for the daytime but also during the night hours.

●      Barri Gòtic

Barri Gòtic, or the Gothic neighborhood, is one of the city’s most iconic places. Located downtown, it has a rich history and contrast between ancient Roman and medieval buildings and new architectural designs.

The vibrant street atmosphere comes to life during the night hours, as it is filled with pubs and bars that locals and tourists love.

The most touristic spots are the main Cathedral and Sant Jaume square. They tend to be quite crowded during the high season, so try to visit this part of the city at a more strategic time.

Also, here you can buy all sorts of souvenirs and local presents.

●      Sant Antoni

If you are a fan of the culinary scene and enjoy getting to know the hip chefs and food artists, Sant Antoni is the best place to do so. This part of the city is filled with one-of-a-kind restaurants and trendy bars owned by the country’s best chefs.      

The neighborhood revolves around the Sant Antoni Market, a hot spot perfect for visiting the weekend and getting a glimpse of local ingredients and food customs. Ask the locals for recommendations and try the specialties. Spanish and Catalan cuisine is one of the best in the world, so you will surely not regret it.

●      Eixample

If you are looking for a more elegant and luxurious experience, Eixample is just what you need. Located in the city center, this neighborhood is filled with designer boutiques and five-star hotels.

The city’s most iconic architectural pieces, such as Casa Batlló and La Pedrera, Gaudi’s works of art, are located here. The example begins right at the city’s central square, Plaça Catalunya, and it is divided by boulevards that are perfect for a summer stroll.

On the West side of Eixample, it is the chosen spot for the LGBTQI+ community, with many bars, restaurants, and friendly hotels.

These are some of the coolest neighborhoods in Barcelona, but not all! Every corner of this city is magical and worth discovering.

Are you ready for your next adventure? Barcelona sure is!

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