The Top Holiday Destinations for People Who Love The Casino

Many of us enjoy a cheeky trip away to escape and leave the daily grind and hustle and bustle behind us.

Some of us enjoy adventure trips, others like to relax – there’s one traveller who has a specific activity in mind: the casino player.

Whilst some casino players enjoy playing on the best Canadian casino sites, The thrill of actually stepping foot in a casino, sitting down at the table and facing other players is just too insatiable for other players.

With that in mind, here are the top holiday destinations for casino players:

China – Macau

Often seen as the central hub for serious gamblers, Macau is the most popular spot for casino lovers. Previously a Portuguese colony, It now resides under the Chinese Special Administrative Region and is known all over the planet for the huge amount of resorts and casinos it houses.

Macau is well known for housing some of the most luxurious casinos on the planet where guests are treated like royalty – MGM Macau, WYNN Palace and The Venetian Macao. These casinos are classed as ‘Mega Casinos’ and offer round-the-clock top-tier gaming such as Roulette, slots and Blackjack.

Add to the fact you’ve got sheer luxury, and visitors to Macau can also take the time to soak up and absorb the history of the place, the thriving culture and the friendly locals.

America – Las Vegas

Casinos and Las Vegas go hand in hand – and it’s often the first place people think about when they think about a casino-based holiday. It’s easily the most popular gambling location based inside of the US and possibly the second most popular in the world only to Macau!

The rather small city houses some of the most famous casinos in the world – such as The Mirage, Caesars Palace and The Venetian. As you would expect, you’ll be able to find all of the mainstream casino games you could ever want to play.

If you aren’t enjoying the casinos, you can find ample entertainment to be enjoyed all over the famous strip – clubs, restaurants, events, famous acts, gigs and so much more. You’ll never be bored whilst you’re there, that’s for sure.

Monaco – Monte Carlo

Situated in the small principality of Monaco, the quaint city of Monte Carlo lies on the French Riviera. With the whole city just oozing luxury, Monte Carlo has become synonymous with its high-end casinos such as Sun Casino, Monte-Carlo Bay Casino and the world-famous Casino de Monte-Carlo.

Aside from the famous casinos, you can also enjoy taking in the rich scenery, The various shops and outlets and the numerous museums. It’s also a great place to enjoy some fine French cuisine.

Southeast Asia – Singapore

Being both an Island nation and its own city, you wouldn’t expect Singapore to have the thriving gambling scene that it does. Whilst it’s relatively small, there are absolutely bucketloads of things to do – especially if you’re a fan of casinos!

Home to some incredible casinos – like the Genting Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa Casino and the Marina Bay Sands Casino – you have ample choice of where to play, with the resorts having plenty of games to enjoy.

When you’re taking some downtime from playing, you can enjoy one of the many tours – including walking tours and bike tours – or you could sample some of the local food, try out some of the live entertainment and there’s even a theme park.

America – Los Angeles

Being the biggest city in California and the second largest in America, obviously, there are going to be loads of things to do – whether you like to visit the casino or not. If you are a casino lover though you’ll find such great casinos as Hollywood Park Casino, Commerce Casino and Bicycle Casino.

You’ll also have one of the most vibrant places in America to explore. If you want to have a vast array of different things to do aside from playing blackjack, roulette or other casino games, this may just be the place for you

Canada – Toronto

One of the newer additions to the world of gambling, Canada has recently become laxer with its gambling laws, which has seen an influx of great establishments such as Fallsview Casino Resort, Woodbine Racetrack & Slots and Casino Niagara.

Toronto is one of the liveliest places in Canada, being an eclectic and enjoyable mix of cultures. This makes it a really good choice if you want to enjoy some casino games whilst absorbing some culture – don’t forget to try the poutine!

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