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Things to pack on a trip to the USA

Are you planning a trip to the serenest country in the world – the United States of America? Well, then here a quick little guide to help you pack all the things that you must have on a journey to explore America! Also, make sure to check out for expired passport renewal in order to have a tension free journey. So, if the big day of boarding your flight to America is approaching soon, then it’s time to start packing your things now!

This is the part where the actual hard-work starts and the big question is what should you carry? Well, obviously you cannot pack everything and it is always wise to travel light and you will certainly get multiple choices to choose from. But, you must keep a number of factors into consideration before making actual decisions.

So, let’s start the list with the essentials that you cannot afford to forget at any cost such as – passport, printed authorization by ESTA, flight ticket, important keys, boarding pass, drivers’ licence and international driving permit. You need all these items while traveling to a different country and make sure that you keep them close at hand. Other important documents include bank cards; cash in US currency, IDs, etc.

When you are done packing your important travelling documents, you must remember to pack your electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, chargers, cameras, portable chargers, music players, headphones, electric razor, etc.) It is best to pack these items in your camera case or laptop bag so that you don’t have to open your carry-on bag every time you need to use an electronic device.

You can also pack some fragile valuable things such as jewellery, contact lenses, glasses, and shades etc. as per your needs. If you are on regular medications then you can pack them too along with your doctor’s prescription and recent reports. Some medicine might cause a little problem at customs for clearance so brining official prescriptions and documents stating your health problems will be quite helpful for you. Once done with your medicines, you must carry the vouchers or information of the hotel or place you planning to stay at, in the US. You might be asked about this at customs as well.

It is also important to carry a small hygiene kit consisting of toothbrush, paste, cosmetics, tampons or wipes, deodorant, shampoo, sunscreen, and sanitizers, etc. If it’s a small trip, then it is best to carry small quantity. If you are a reader, then carrying books, magazines, etc. will be a good idea to keep you entertained while traveling from place to place.

So, these are some of the important things that you carry on a trip to US. Sometimes, travellers forget to pack some these essentials and their entire trip gets ruined because of this. So, while packing your personal basics such as clothes and undergarments, snacks, etc. do a quick check and see whether you have packed all the above mentioned things with you or not.

So, there you go!

You are all set to enjoy your trip to US. Enjoy an adventurous trip!

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