Visiting Las Vegas

Unforgettable Adventures Await: What to Do When Visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most visited places in the world. Drawn in by the glittering lights, the relaxed rules, and the prospect of unforgettable adventures, people come from all over the world for a unique experience.

Below, we’ll serve as a tour guide and discuss some of the best things to do when visiting Las Vegas. We look at exploring the Grand Canyon, the city’s casino culture, the different tours on offer, and day trips.

Let’s dive in.

Visit the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of America’s most iconic natural landmarks. Found in the Grand Canyon National Park, the impressive rock formation was created by the Colorado River that flows through its heart. It’s regarded as one of the world’s best examples of erosion.

There’s lots to do and explore in the National Park and you can get there directly from Las Vegas. A number of different tours operate from here, usually taking up a full day, or 10-12 hours.

On these tours, you can explore the different rims of the Canyon, as well as explore the likes of Eagle Point and Guano Point. You can also do a skywalk if you’re feeling brave enough. And if you have a bit of extra money and want to get one of the best views possible, you can even get a tour by helicopter.

These tours don’t just cover the Grand Canyon. It’s possible to visit other places on the way, such as the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and a Joshua Tree Forest.

Given the length of these tours, it’s wise to pack for a full day of exploring. Some tours do provide lunch, snacks, and water, but not all do, so it’s important to do your research and prepare in advance.

Explore the Casino Culture

One of the big draws for many people visiting Las Vegas is the unique casino culture. There’s arguably no other place in the world quite like Vegas for gambling.

There are 60 major casinos in all, according to the Nevada Gaming Commission. A lot of these casinos are built into hotels or resorts to offer the full gaming experience. These casinos don’t usually close, operating all day and night. It makes it one of the only places in the world where you don’t have to play with a casino online in the middle of the night if the mood for betting hits.

With so much choice available, it also means there are a wide variety of games you can play, like roulette, poker, blackjack, and slot machines. Each casino tends to specialize in different types of games. For example, the ARIA casino is regarded as the best for slots. However, if you’re more of a poker fan, you may prefer the Bellagio, which has over 40 poker tables and runs a daily tournament.

But there are also casinos for non-gamblers and the curious. The MGM Grand, for example, is one place that offers a bit more. Punters can enjoy an arcade of classic games for adults, as well as beer pong and billiards.

Try a Helicopter Tour

It’s fair to say that the Vegas Strip can get a bit busy at times. If you’re someone who likes to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, then you can book a helicopter tour of the city.

These tours operate both day and night, but the nighttime tours offer the most spectacular views of the sparkling lights of the city. Most helicopters offer a 180-degree unrestricted view and take you around the whole of the city.

The tours can range in duration. You can even include drop-off locations to double up on your tour as a luxurious taxi service. Some tour operators also provide hotel pickup and drop-off services and dinner at a local restaurant. Again, it’s important to do your research before you book.

Go Kayaking in the Emerald Cave

If you’re someone with a get-up-and-go attitude, you may enjoy outdoor pursuits like kayaking. Even though Vegas is located in the heart of the Mojave Desert, a trip to the incredible Emerald Cave isn’t too far away and usually takes half a day.

On the tour, you’ll be whisked off to Willow Beach, where you’ll be taken to the beautiful Colorado River. You’ll then be guided on a five-mile kayak trip down to the Black Canyon, with a visit to the Emerald Cave on the way. You’ll see desert big-horn sheep and bald eagles and get an idea of the history behind the area.

It’s arguably one of the most unique experiences that you can take part in around Las Vegas. It’s ideal if you’re fed up with the city and being stuck indoors at casinos.

All tours include complimentary snacks and drinks and a shuttle bus that picks you up and drops you off at the Mandalay Bay Resort.

Try a Desert ATV Tour

This is another activity for thrill seekers who may be a bit bored of the city. With Vegas based in the heart of the Mojave Desert, it’s possible to take ATVs or quad bikes out into the warm wilderness.

All safety equipment and training are provided for the three-hour excursion. Tours are also conducted by an experienced guide, who will lead you along trails and out to hidden beauty spots with incredible views of the desert and city.

It’s nice and easy to join an ATV tour. The leading tour, which won the Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Award 2023 on Tripadvisor, sets off from the Luxor Hotel in Vegas. You’ll catch a shuttle bus out to the desert and from there you can explore.

The tour operator provides water and all equipment, but not food, so if you’ll get hungry, bring a packed lunch. All training is provided too, so no prior experience of driving an ATV is necessary. You can just jump on and get exploring.

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