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Waikiki Historic Trail Set for Modern Revival

The Hawai‘i Tourism Authority (HTA) and the O‘ahu Visitors Bureau (OVB) are spearheading efforts to revamp the Waikiki Historic Trail, inviting creative content firms to rejuvenate this pivotal cultural landmark.

This initiative aims to modernize the trail, enhancing visitor engagement and education while preserving its rich historical essence.

The Waikīkī Historic Trail, a beacon of cultural heritage established in 1997, weaves through Waikīkī’s history with 21 bronze surfboard markers. It was created by Dr. George Kanahele, reflecting the area’s vibrant history, culture, and geography, connecting both residents and visitors with Waikīkī’s storied past.

HTA Board Chair Mufi Hannemann highlighted the trail’s significance as a source of local pride and a conduit for visitor education about Waikīkī’s unique global stature. The renovation aims to ensure the trail remains a relevant and enriching experience, celebrating Waikīkī’s heritage and its notable figures and events.

The project seeks to refresh the trail’s content for the digital age, incorporating interactive elements for a more engaging visitor experience. Daniel Nāhoʻopiʻi, HTA Interim President and CEO, emphasized the upgrade’s focus on leveraging technology to tell Waikīkī’s stories in an immersive way, ensuring it resonates with today’s tech-savvy audiences.

This enhancement is part of HTA’s broader Oʻahu Destination Management Action Plan, aiming to promote responsible tourism and appreciation for Hawaiʻi’s rich history. The project also aligns with efforts to alleviate congestion at popular sites by directing attention to lesser-known locations, offering visitors a more diverse and informative experience.

A collaboration with Honolulu’s Mayor’s Office of Culture and Art and Native Hawaiian cultural advisors guarantees the authenticity and accuracy of the trail’s content. Noelani Schilling-Wheeler, Executive Director of OVB, expressed enthusiasm for the project, seeing it as an opportunity to invigorate Waikīkī’s cultural narrative for both locals and tourists.

Creative content firms interested in contributing to the Waikīkī Historic Trail’s revitalization can access the RFP details online, with proposals due by April 5, 2024. This initiative promises to enrich the understanding and appreciation of Waikīkī’s historical and cultural significance.

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