benefits of traveling

What are the benefits of traveling?

After a long time of being stuck and getting used to staying inside, many people are wondering – “Why should I travel?” There are all kinds of reasons that traveling is a great way to spend your vacations.

There are lots of tourist locations around the world that are really interesting to learn about and very fun to travel to, as well as travel destinations where you can relax with friends and family or learn about traditions and cultures of ancient peoples and nations or simply gamble at a progressive jackpot.

There are beaches where you can party with friends and relax with family. There are cities where you can get all kinds of interesting cultural cuisine. There are sports you can learn and do like skiing down snowy slopes of beautiful mountains, or yearly national marathons.

Many places have events that are amazingly beautiful, such as the Cherry Blossom festival in Japan. There are all kinds of fun and fantastic things to do when you get out of the house and go places. Even travelling locally to go on hikes and swim in lakes is great!

Travel is also a very healthy thing to do. Getting up and moving around is very healthy for your body, and the new experiences and sights are great for your mental health. Many studies have shown that creativity can help a lot with your physical and mental health, and that traveling is a great way to boost your creativity.

Leaving home and going around the world is also an amazing way to get yourself relieved of the stress of daily life and forget about your worries and your strife. You can experience cool new cultures with interesting traditions that motivate you to do all kinds of things like become a vegetarian or vegan!

Traveling is an amazing way to get out of your comfort zone by experiencing all manners of new things, such as foods, languages, sports, and sights. You can meet new people, make friends, and even learn new languages.

Many people are inspired while traveling to start dieting and exercising and break out of your bad habits to make room for new good habits. Traveling is a great form of healthy entertainment, suitable for all ages, and great for making bonding experiences!

What are some nice travel destinations?

With travel back on the rise due to countries around the world opening their borders, people are starting their Summer by going to beaches and cities around the world. Bali, for example, has an amazing natural beauty such as beautiful waterfalls and the native Breadfruit trees, and the temperature stays around the mid-twenties, which makes it a nice way to get out of the summer heat.

Similarly to Bali, Tokyo is a great choice for a travel destination, but for different reasons. There is the traditional Kabuki Theatre with amazing performances, and foods from dumplings to burgers. Many people also like to go look at and take pictures at the Sakuras (cherry blossoms) during the spring, when the pink petals fall majestically to the ground. Tokyo also has a techy area called Akihabara, which although is expensive, has many great places to make it worth it!

If you don’t care about the other travelers, Rome’s Colosseum is a very popular place to travel – and with good reason! Archaeologists have removed the floor to reveal a fun and cool place called the hypogeum, which is the greek word for underground. It’s like a human-sized maze of stone, which can be fun for kids to wander around.

Right next to The Colosseum is a place unknown to many, an ancient training ground for gladiators! Named Ludus Magnus (Big Training Ground) in Latin, it used to be one of the largest places for gladiators to train. Most of it is unfortunately still covered by earth, but what’s revealed is really neat to look at!

What airlines are good/bad?

With borders and airports opening up in countries everywhere, a lot of people are wondering how to get to their desired travel destinations. Which airlines are the safest and most comfortable for a fair price?

If The United States of America is where you’re planning to go, be wary of American Airlines. With the recent Project “Oasis”, the condensed spacing between the seats allows for more passengers, but makes the flight a lot less enjoyable.

Southwest Airlines on the other hand is a great choice due to the very low risk rate, cheap prices, and the fact that you don’t need to pay for first and second checked bags. Although a downside with Southwest is that it doesn’t serve food, so you need to bring your own for long flights. There is alcohol and Wi-Fi though!

Delta Airlines is similar to Southwest in the fact that it’s got great prices, but it also serves hot food! Delta is known for having accurate schedules and fantastic customer service. It has free Wi-Fi, and to help get people back into traveling after the pandemic, has been working hard on making a safe and friendly airport and airplane environment!

How packed should my Itinerary be?

Different people prefer different things. If you’re the kind of person who likes to plan out exactly what you’re doing, make sure to leave a little time for doing what you want, because otherwise your trip will be stressful and take away half the benefit of a vacation. But make sure you don’t waste your time lazing around or you’ll regret not going to places and missing out on doing interesting activities.

Although it is common to prefer to spend time at home without any requirements or scheduling, missing out on travel is something that people often regret for the rest of their lives. So if you’re ever given the opportunity, take the chance and travel. Go out and get dirty!

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