Travel to Seychelles for Marijuana Tourism

Would You Like to Travel to Seychelles for Marijuana Tourism?

Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles former Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine is one of the 2020 presidential candidates in Seychelles. He says Marijuana Tourism is an untapped market for Seychelles.

Besides running the One Seychelles political party, Mr. St. Ange who also publishes weekly Saint Ange Tourism Report & Zilwa Publication newsletters. In this week’s edition, he reports that with their tourism industry in tatters and the main tourism source markets flat-lining as a result of COVID-19, Seychelles is in dire need of some re-branding, or at the very least a hook, to attract tourists to our shores once more. Marijuana tourism is an untapped market for Seychelles, with many tourists flocking to destinations considered to be “weed friendly”.

“Our presently struggling economy can stand to benefit from all the money moving from the black market into the formal system, thereby allowing the Government to collect tax revenues from the industry. Tax revenue from marijuana tourism could be used to fund vital infrastructure improvements, including roads, water, schools, hospitals, and healthcare facilities,” Mr. St. Ange wrote.

In 2015, three years after Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, the Colorado Tourism Office conducted a survey that revealed almost 50 percent of visitors to the state was influenced by the availability of marijuana. Colorado has reportedly seen increases in tourism spending years over year since legalization and continued to see massive increases in consumer spending as well.

“The only way to progress is through innovation and fresh approaches to governance. With our economy in its present state, the time for playing it safe and being too afraid to rock the boat has long passed. Half the population has been crying out for “change” for years.

Real change is what we are offering. If you want more of the same, then continue to vote red or green, because old ways will never open new doors. Both leaders of the rival camps have had years to prove their worth. They have failed,” added Mr. St.Ange.

Mr. St.Ange asks, “Make 2020 the year for REAL CHANGE. Cast a vote for the new, and not the old. Cast a vote for One Seychelles!”.




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