Discovering Eternal Paths: Top 25 Timeless Walking Trails in 2023

Embark on a journey through the most enchanting walking trails of 2023, where each path tells a tale of timeless beauty and adventure. These trails have stood the test of time, captivating the hearts of walkers for years and promising an unparalleled experience to those who tread on them.

From the serene landscapes of the UK to the vibrant terrains of Canada, these top 25 timeless trails offer a diverse array of sceneries and experiences, each with its unique charm and allure. Dive into a world where every step unveils a new discovery, and every trail holds the promise of a timeless adventure!

New insights from Inghams shed light on the walking trails that have consistently been favorites among walkers for the past three years, unveiling the most ‘timeless’ routes for hikers. These trails have maintained their popularity, offering a blend of scenic beauty and adventure to walking enthusiasts.

Inghams’ comprehensive report not only highlights popular trails but also serves as a reminder of the crucial trail etiquettes walkers should adhere to, such as the yielding hierarchy among pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders. It’s a guide that intertwines the joy of walking with the responsibility of respecting shared spaces.

Inghams’ Insights on Trail Popularity and Etiquette

The study reveals intriguing facts about trail etiquette around the globe, including countries where nude hiking had to be formally banned and places where taking shortcuts is strictly prohibited! It’s a fascinating look into the varied norms and regulations that govern walking trails worldwide.

Two trails in the UK, The Cotswolds and The Pennine Way, are among the most timeless, with data indicating their consistent popularity with walkers since before the pandemic. Europe also houses other favorites like Germany’s The Black Forest and Italy’s The Apennines. Far across, The Bruce Trail in Canada and The Great Smoky Mountains globally attract thousands of searches annually.

Top 25 Timeless Walking Trails in 2023

Rank Walking area Country Percentage change in searches 2020 – 2023 (%)
1 The Balkans Trail Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro 86,300
2 The Făgăraș Mountains Romania 31,100
3 The Sudetes Czech Republic, Poland and Germany 3,500
4 The Chugach Mountains United States 2,300
5 The Great Ocean Walk Australia 805
6 Langtang Valley Nepal 710
7 Grand Balcon Sud France 418
8 La Jonction Switzerland 238
9 Giant’s Causeway Ireland 232
10 The Kunlun Mountains China 175
11 The Ouachita Mountains United States 175
12 Mount Kailash Kora China 136
13 The Hajar Mountains United Arab Emirates, Oman 133
14 The Blyde River Canyon South Africa 129
15 The Jordan Trail Jordan 127
16 The Amalfi Coast Italy 124
17 Path Of Gods Italy 123
18 The Caledonian Mountains United Kingdom 100
19 The Laugavegur Trail Iceland 91
20 The Heysen Trail Australia 89
21 The Vosges Mountains France 89
22 The Pyrenees France, Spain 86
23 The Drakensberg South Africa, Lesotho 85
24 The Lycian Way Turkey 85
25 Torajaland Indonesia 84

Common Walking Etiquette Rules

Inghams’ Walking Etiquette Report emphasizes the importance of adhering to walking rules and etiquette, ensuring a harmonious experience for all trail users. It outlines the right of way in different scenarios, such as downhill versus uphill and solo versus group, providing clarity on movement and yielding on trails.

The report also touches on bathroom etiquette and the controversy surrounding cairns, small piles of stones that guide walkers. It stresses the importance of respecting these markers and the landscape, avoiding any alterations that could mislead other walkers.

Strangest Walking Etiquette Worldwide

The report uncovers some of the most unusual walking etiquettes, like the prohibition of nude hiking in Switzerland and the bizarre rule against killing the mythical Sasquatch in the United States and Canada. It also mentions unique rules in specific locations, such as the prohibition of imitating animal noises in Yellowstone and the strict no shortcut policy in two Californian national parks.

In France, walkers are warned against approaching ‘patou’ or Pyrenean Mountain dogs, as they can act defensively to protect the flock they are guarding. It’s a reminder of the diverse and unique etiquettes that walkers encounter in different parts of the world.

Anne Williams, Director of Marketing at Inghams, expresses her enthusiasm about exploring the outdoors and encourages walkers to explore not only popular destinations but also the world’s hidden gems. She emphasizes the increasing demand for walking locations like The Făgăraș Mountains and The Sudetes and encourages exploration of lesser-known spots like Bovec in Slovenia and Ischgl in Austria.

Inghams’ report is a treasure trove of information for walking enthusiasts, offering insights into timeless trails and essential etiquettes. It’s a guide that invites walkers to explore the beauty of the outdoors responsibly and to discover the diverse and unique walking cultures around the world. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or a casual walker, the timeless trails and intriguing etiquettes revealed by Inghams promise a richer, more informed walking experience.

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