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Orbis Flying Eye Hospital

Qatar to host Orbis Flying Eye Hospital

Qatar Airways will host the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital at Doha International Airport from late October-12 November, ahead of the launch of Doha Healthcare Week.

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New study shows health benefits of travel

A new study examined the health and wellness benefits of leisure travel and found out that those who travel reported better emotional and physical health and improved relationships and productivity at work.

Zika Virus Fear

Zika virus hits India’s tourism hotspot of Jaipur

A Zika outbreak has been reported in India’s popular tourist destination of Jaipur. The virus has been detected in 29 people in Jaipur, capital of the northern state of Rajasthan.

Aman Skincare Nourishing Pathway

Aman launches Aman Skincare

Aman announces the launch of a skincare collection, made bespoke for the brand, which not only embodies and celebrates but is also inspired by its constellation of hotels and resorts.

Westin Ftlauderdale Spa

Spatember extends through October

Due to popular demand, Spatember - Greater Fort Lauderdale’s annual spa month - has been extended through the month of October.

ANA Travel Wellness

ANA Holding introduces new ANA Travel Wellness

ANA HOLDINGS INC. (ANA HD), the parent company of ANA, Japan’s largest and 5-Star airline for six consecutive years, is introducing a new program to help travelers “recharge” while in-flight. The program, ANA Travel Wellness, aims to create a more comfortable atmosphere for travelers in-flight.

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Top 5 Health Innovations of 2018

Technology is vital to the healthcare industry. In our article ‘How Technology Has Changed How We Receive Health Care Information’ we pointed out how recent developments have altered how people receive medical services. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Various technologies have been rolled out this year, each one with the end-goal of improving people’s health. So with that in mind, here are the top five health innovations for 2018.

How technology has changed how we receive health care information

online healthHealth care is constantly being updated with new methods and technology – it is always improving. As well as us now being able to be safely anesthetized and have invasive surgeries performed on us, we can also receive health care information in new and better ways. Here are some of the ways that technology has changed this.

Kohler Waters Spa expands with New Location in Chicago

Kohler Co. plans to expand its Kohler Waters Spa offering with a second location in the Chicago area at Lincoln Common – a new crossroads development in Lincoln Park. It will be part of a six-acre development enhancing the already vibrant neighborhood.

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