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New Zealand to Ban Disposable E-Cigarettes

The New Zealand government has announced its plans to implement a ban on disposable e-cigarettes, also known as vapes, intensifying efforts to prevent these products from being sold to minors.

This decision emerges as part of New Zealand’s broader health initiative, closely following the country’s move to repeal a law aimed at phasing out tobacco smoking, which would have significantly lowered nicotine levels and imposed a lifetime cigarette ban on individuals born after 2008.

Associate Health Minister Casey Costello highlighted the dual role of e-cigarettes, recognizing them as crucial in aiding smoking cessation while also expressing concern over the surge in vaping among the youth. The increase in vaping has alarmed parents, educators, and health professionals alike, prompting the government to introduce stricter regulations to curb this trend.

To enforce these new measures, retailers caught selling vapes to individuals under 18 years of age will face hefty fines up to 100,000 New Zealand dollars, equivalent to approximately 55,590 euros.

Meanwhile, fines for individual offenders will reach 1,000 New Zealand dollars, or about 556 euros. These penalties represent a significant escalation in the fight against underage vaping.

Further, the government plans to restrict the sale of e-cigarettes by banning marketing tactics that could attract younger demographics, such as appealing images or enticing product names. New Zealand is not alone in its stance against disposable e-cigarettes, with other countries also adopting similar measures.

In the UK, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has previously declared a ban on disposable vapes, emphasizing the need to protect youth from the potentially addictive and unknown long-term effects of vaping.

Australia has followed suit, implementing its ban on disposable single-use vapes this year, signaling a growing international consensus on the issue.

In addition to these action on disposable e-cigarettes, travelers should also note that Hong Kong has implemented a comprehensive ban on alternative smoking products. This includes not only electronic smoking devices but also heated tobacco products and herbal cigarettes. The prohibition covers the import, promotion, manufacture, sale, or possession for commercial purposes of these items. Moreover, all inbound travelers are expressly forbidden from bringing any of these products into Hong Kong, emphasizing the city’s strict stance on public health and safety. This broad measure significantly impacts visitors, who must ensure compliance to avoid legal complications during their stay.

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