uniceoGreen Meeting Industry Council (GMIC) has signed an agreement to collaborate with UNICEO® and become the official partner of UNICEO® in questions of sustainability. GMIC will organize professional training sessions on sustainable practices and social responsibilities, as well as supply specialized content concerning sustainability in the organization of corporate events for the associates of UNICEO®.

Furthermore, the agreement includes the publication of a white paper on the integration of sustainable practices in the organization of events, with GMIC as the entity responsible for the coordination of the working group that will be created for its write-up.

The Spain-Portugal Chapter of GMIC will be the organism in charge of giving support to UNICEO® in terms of training and development of the activities to be put into action.

Javier Sánchez, president of the GMIC Spain-Portugal Chapter and promoter of the initiative emphasized the importance of this agreement: “Becoming a sustainable partner of UNICEO® is really significant for the GMIC as it means being directly part of the epicenter where decisions are made,” he said. “This will allow us to advance enormously in the spread of the culture of sustainability.”

For her part, Debora Piovesan, Vice President of UNICEO®, expressed her satisfaction over the agreement. “This partnership with a flagship association will allow our members to exchange and receive quality information on the key issue of sustainability,” she said.

This strategic alliance shows the growing obligation for companies to comply with social and environmental responsibilities, particularly among those responsible for large corporations directly involved in the organization of events. The partnership will provide a valuable focus for improving the quality of their work and creating the necessary basis to better undertake positive sustainable development.