Sacramento to host Terra Madre Americas

Sacramento Welcomes Terra Madre Americas to Celebrate Latin American Cuisine

Slow Food, the global movement dedicated to ensuring Good, Clean, and Fair food for all, and ‘Visit Sacramento,’ the destination marketing organization, joined forces to organize the inaugural edition of Terra Madre Americas.

This international event, taking place May 17 – 19, 2024, explores the interconnectedness of food with various aspects of our lives and environment, including the climate crisis, social justice, and education within the food and beverage system, through the lens of specific topics.

The event aims to delve beyond the surface and examine the intricate connections between food and various aspects of our lives and environment, particularly focusing on the climate crisis and social justice within the food and beverage system.

In its inaugural edition, Terra Madre Americas will spotlight Latin America and its rich food biodiversity, showcasing local products and practices aimed at environmental conservation and resource preservation for future generations.

Visitors will immerse themselves in these regions, exploring products, tasting them, participating in dedicated workshops, and engaging with delegates.

“This event is particularly relevant this year when we at Slow Food are about to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Terra Madre, the global network that brings together communities from around the world,” comments Elisa Demichelis, Director of Slow Food Global North.

At the end of September in Italy these international delegations will be the protagonists of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, the most important Slow Food gathering. While the event in Italy will have a global perspective, Terra Madre Americas in Sacramento will be the occasion to turn the attention to the richness, food biodiversity, and communities coming from Latin America.

Focusing on key supply chains—corn, sugar cane, açaí, cocoa, and quinoa—the event will address challenges within these sectors. From Mesoamerica’s corn cultivation to the Andes’ traditional grains, each region will present its unique agricultural practices and contributions to sustainable food systems.

The Slow Food Coffee Coalition and Slow Wine Coalition will also feature prominently, offering tastings and educational sessions. These coalitions provide a platform for stakeholders across the coffee and wine supply chains to unite, share practices, and promote sustainable production.

The Food and Health education area will emphasize the interconnectedness of human, environmental, and animal health, promoting biodiversity as a solution to the climate crisis and global malnutrition.

As a hub for national Slow Food network discussions, Terra Madre Americas will also serve as a critical meeting point for exchanging ideas and shaping the future of the organization.

Attendance is free, except for the Taste Workshops and events dedicated to the Slow Wine Coalition.

This event will be held at Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento, USA, from May 17 – 19, 2024

Opening Hours: 10 am – 6 pm

Find more information here:

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