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Thai Airways and Turkish Airlines Embark on a Game-Changing Aviation Alliance in Istanbul

Thai Airways and Turkish Airlines

In a historic move, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) and Turkish Airlines have forged a monumental partnership with the signing of an MOU, propelling them towards a dynamic joint venture operations agreement right in the vibrant city of Istanbul.

This alliance promises to revolutionize the aviation industry, intertwining the legacies of two dominant flag carriers: Thailand and Türkiye.

Istanbul, renowned as the global intersection of Asia, Europe, and Africa, will soon witness an aviation milestone. Come December, THAI is set to roll out daily flights from its primary Bangkok base to Istanbul. This pivotal strategy not only underscores THAI's dominance as the prime entry point to Thailand, Asia Pacific, and Australia but also heralds a new epoch in air travel.



But the excitement doesn't end there. Anticipate a remarkable boost in tourism exchange with the joining of Thailand's 66 million and Türkiye's 85 million populace, setting the stage for a travel synergy unparalleled in its depth and breadth.

Chai Eamsiri, the enterprising CEO of THAI, illuminated the vision behind this alliance. "Picture a world where convenience meets adventure. In collaboration with Turkish Airlines, we're setting the stage for travelers to traverse effortlessly between Thailand and Türkiye, and beyond to Europe and Asia's magical landscapes."



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Echoing this sentiment, Bilal Ekşi, CEO of Turkish Airlines, highlighted the profoundness of this merger. "We're not just partnering; we're interlacing the cultural tapestries of Türkiye and Thailand. Brace yourselves for a redefined travel experience marked by unparalleled connectivity, impeccable service, and a gamut of spectacular destinations, all made possible by the combined prowess of our airline networks."

Indeed, the skies are about to witness a revolution as THAI and Turkish Airlines craft a new narrative in aviation history with their audacious collaboration.


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