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Turkish Airlines Orders 10 Airbus A350-900 Aircraft

Turkish Airlines Airbus A350-900

Turkish Airlines (THY) has announced a significant investment in its fleet, ordering 10 A350-900 aircraft from Airbus. The announcement was made via the Public Disclosure Platform in the form of a material event statement.

According to the statement, "Our Board of Directors has decided to purchase 10 A350-900 type passenger aircraft from Airbus, to be delivered in 2025, 2026, and 2027, in line with the growth targets of our Incorporation."

This is a noteworthy development for Turkish Airlines, aligning well with the company's ambitious growth plans. The A350-900 is considered the world’s most modern and efficient widebody aircraft. It is a leader in the 300-410 seater category, promising unprecedented levels of efficiency and comfort.



The A350’s design incorporates state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge aerodynamics. One of its key features is fuel efficiency—thanks to its new generation engines and the use of lightweight materials. It is also the quietest aircraft in its class, reducing its noise footprint by 50% compared to previous-generation aircraft. This makes the A350 a good neighbor at any airport it frequents.

Further adding to the passenger experience, the A350’s Airspace cabin is the quietest of any twin-aisle aircraft, offering modern in-flight products for an unrivaled level of comfort during travel.



The acquisition of these planes will likely bolster Turkish Airlines' reputation for quality and service, and enable the airline to expand its network, offering more destinations and an enhanced flying experience to its customers.

The aircraft are set to be delivered over a span of three years, starting in 2025, indicating a long-term commitment by Turkish Airlines to continue elevating its service and expanding its reach.

By adopting the A350-900, Turkish Airlines is setting a new standard for efficiency and comfort, making it a compelling choice for travelers looking for a premium flying experience.


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