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Digital Cinema Pioneer Jack Kline To Promote CINITY

Digital Cinema Pioneer Jack Kline

Fresh off one of the exhibition industry’s most remarkable careers that includes developing and pioneering the implementation of digital cinema and knocking off the 100-year reign of film projection technology, Jack Kline announced that he is now representing CINITY Cinema, the latest entry into the immersive, in-theater, giant-screen market.

Owned by the China Film Group and Huaxia Film Distribution Co. Ltd, CINITY uses Premium Large Format (PLF) laser projection and immersive sound and is recognized for its industry-leading ultra-high frame rate capability. Recently introduced into the rapidly expanding premium screen market in China, CINITY has already won the support of major Hollywood studios and visionary filmmakers such as Ang Lee, as well as many well-known Chinese directors, who are using technology to expand the artistic possibilities of the movie-viewing experience.

“People want big screens, and PLF technology is the most significant installation an exhibitor can make that generates excitement from audiences and makes the movie-viewing experience truly memorable,” said Digital Cinema Pioneer and Former Christie Chairman, President and CEO Jack Kline.



“CINITY is the only PLF system today with the ability to deliver 120 frames per second (fps) in 4K resolution, 3D, and high dynamic range, resulting in the most realistic and most vivid images possible.”

Going Big

According to industry statistics, PLF screen installations have seen an increase of almost 19 percent year over year. They set a record in 2019, when 734 screens were installed, a 65 percent increase over 2018. As theaters slowly reopen worldwide following lockdowns due to COVID-19, the pace of adoption is expected to resume. Theater owners are especially eager to lure back audiences by providing them with a movie-viewing experience far superior to anything they can ever get at home. With a technology and financial strategy that make it one of the most competitive on the market, CINITY is in an ideal position to take advantage of the growing demand for PLF systems.



The CINITY Cinema system is driven by a Christie® state-of-the-art RGB dual-laser cinema projector that delivers up to 4K resolution at 120fps playback – the world’s most advanced projection system for screens up to 111 feet wide. At 55,000 DCI lumens output, it’s also the brightest direct-coupled RGB pure laser cinema projector on the market, resulting in 3D images with exceptional color, high contrast, fluid movement, consistent performance, and vivid visual details.

First With ‘Gemini Man’

The CINITY system was first introduced in the United States in 2019 at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, where it premiered Ang Lee’s Gemini Man exactly as he originally shot the film – in 4K resolution 3D at 120fps – for the highest possible impact and maximum visual effect. Today, with 57 installations and an almost equal number on tap in cities across China, CINITY enjoys cooperative agreements with many major Hollywood and Chinese studios. It is now building upon this success, as well as the enormous resources and strong alliance between the China Film Group and Huaxia Film Distribution Co. Ltd., to explore expansion opportunities into North America and beyond. The system can be viewed at the Harmony Gold Preview House in West Hollywood, where filmmakers can also screen their latest projects at the industry’s highest frame rate.

“We have proven the enormous appeal of the CINITY Cinema system in China, which is known for having some of the most demanding and most discriminating audiences in the world,” said China Film Group Vice-Chairman and General Manager Fu Ruoqing.

“By providing theater owners with flexible payment options and financial incentives, as well as the full range of installation services, we assure them the fastest and most seamless path to a world-class PLF auditorium.”

“I’m especially excited to support CINITY as it enters the North American market,” said Ang Lee, an early proponent of CINITY’s technology.

“The system’s high frame rate capability, its exceptional contrast ratio, brightness and overall image quality means that more audiences can finally see my movies exactly as I envisioned them. I’m committed to working with CINITY to help push the boundaries of filmmaking and in-theater movie-viewing.”

“We’re thrilled that innovators such as CINITY, Dolby and IMAX are elevating the theatrical experience, and advancing the way moviegoers see 3D, higher frame rates, brighter light levels, more dynamic range, and higher resolution,” said James Cameron and Jon Landau, who broke new ground with their revolutionary movie Avatar in 2009. “We’re excited to know that audiences will have the opportunity to experience the next chapters of Avatar in ways that truly represent the best our industry has to offer, and will be reminded just how special the in-theater cinema experience can be.”

“Today’s theater owners are facing competition for audiences from a wider range of entertainment options than ever before,” said Kline. “With a proven track record of attracting bigger audiences and generating higher income per screen, CINITY is the clear winner for exhibitors seeking a competitive edge.”


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