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10 Must-Visit Cities in the USA

Must visit USA cities

When we think about America, the first things coming to our minds are the gorgeous beaches of Florida, movies in Hollywood, New York, and its Empire State Building, and Las Vegas with its numerous casinos.

America can be proud of its beautiful cities attracting thousands of tourists every year. Even though the most popular ones are usually quite expansive, everyone with a limited budget can also afford a trip there. If you are a student who already completed all college tasks or decided to order essay writing to free up some time, you can plan a marvelous summer vacation to one of the greatest American cities. In this guide, we will cover the top ten must-have stop-points on your itinerary.

Top American cities to see this year

When a college year is over, and all tasks are finished (or delegated to professional services by sending a request, «Please, just do my homework»), students start building their plans on having a good vacation. America can offer a lot to show from Alaska to Hawaii, and every city and state have their own cultural significance, cuisine, architectural identity, green areas, and entertainment options. Many of them are as affordable as the cost to pay to write paper; you just need to know where to look. If you are ready to explore the US, we can recommend these ten cities to start with:

1. New York

The top on our list and probably on everyone`s list is The Big Apple. There is no place like it: New York combines a lot of cultures, languages, images, and every Manhattan`s street is another fascinating experience. In addition to popular tourist attractions like the Statue of Liberty and Central Park, the city has a great architecture with classic old buildings and terrific new skyscrapers. From Broadway to numerous museums, you will have a lot to do here;

2. Los Angeles

From movies, this city is usually associated with the sun, extremely hot weather all year round, and sand. Here you can find beautiful beaches with warm ocean, hike up mountains, stuck in the traffic on your way to Malibu, take a photo with Hollywood letters, take a surfing lesson, and just enjoy your stay; in this wonderful city;



3. New Orleans

Compared to modern New York and Los Angeles, 300-years-old New Orleans is more about the renaissance epoch, although its streets are the busiest in the US. People come here to dress up and party, attend masquerades, taste cocktails, and enjoy a luxurious life. Its restaurants offer delicious meals with live music and the mix of art and funk;

4. Las Vegas

What happens in Las Vegas…you know. This place is one of the top most-visited in America as everyone wants to try their luck. If you want to empty your wallet with a terrific speed, attend one of the local casinos: although, who knows, maybe this will be the place where you will earn your first million. If you come in December, you can see its famous rodeo show, drive supercars and have a trip in the desert;

5. San Francisco

Surrounded by water, this beautiful city lives in its own rhythm. If you come here for the first time, take a sweater no matter what time of the year it is. Book in advance a famous Alcatraz tour, attend a music festival, ride a cable car and just walk around the city;

6. Miami

If you are dreaming of the ocean, beaches, Latin beats, and tasty cocktails, then Miami is your place. You can attend South Beach laying on the white sand all day long and then partying all night. We recommend visiting the Erotic Art Museum (for erotic lovers) and Art Basel (for art lovers) with plenty of creative installations and attractions;

7. Chicago

It used to be a city of gangsters, and now it is more associated with Wright buildings, tasty pizza, and the Cubbies. In this city, you can walk a Hit Rash Street devoted to drinking and partying only. The city also hosts many great festivals like Taste of Chicago and Lollapalooza;

8. Anchorage

One of the northern US parts, Alaska, is also worth visiting. The city has one of the largest indoor waterparks in the country. You can also dig to find dinosaur bones, visit bears, try walking tours, attend fairs and different outdoor activities available in Anchorage;

9. Honolulu

This city is a must-have for beach lovers: white sands, beautiful flowers, and local culture will make your experience unforgettable. We recommend seeing the Manola Falls, different historical monuments, hike Diamond Head during the day, and relax at a party at night. Doing yoga and meeting sunset is one of the best memories you can receive here;

10. Washington, DC

The political center of America, Washington, has many other things to offer a tourist. You can see the National Mall, Lincoln Memorial, and plenty of museums. Besides, the city is full of great restaurants and entertainment spots to have fun at night.



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