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The Best Holidays For June 2021: Everything You Need To Know

Greek island

Travelling can set alight pretty much anyone’s souls, as it allows you to feed that inner hungry wanderlust.

Be it a city escape where you discover culture, cuisine and a social life, or quite the opposite, with a nature get-away, travel is the remedy that we all are craving to present itself to us. It is also the start of summer which really fuels the extra urge for sun and escape, so we thought it would be ideal to provide to you the adventure and destinations that you may have never conceived before. 

While many of us are slowly waiting for travel restrictions to ease off, if you are still one of the few that are not yet able to whisk yourself away, we do have something that can fill up the time and entertain you. Why not channel the travel seeker in you and indulge in some international sports gambling? Find the best new betting sites in the UK, which should allow you to support the best teams that are based in destinations that you are yet to visit. That certainly is one way to be a part of your next travel spot’s culture, right?



Island Hop Around Greece

The Mediterranean is pretty much blooming right now with perfect weather that is not too hot, and guess what? Greece is one of the best locations within that area. The attractive thing about Greece is the multiple islands that you can just hop to and from with ease. While Greece’s peak season is often the start of July, many travellers find peace and tranquillity going before the cusp of all the tourist chaos.

Did we mention that you have everything from exploring the old towns of Rethymno, to enjoying the artistically beautiful views that a sunset in Santorini provides? The colours look like an artist took out their fury and rippled their paintbrush across the skies, in the most poetic sense. If that entices you, do make sure to check out the catered tours and accommodations to set your pending journey off the right way.



The Amazon and Incas of Peru

Next destination on the map that you need to pin is Peru. Peru offers majestic scenery that is not hyped enough. From the spectacular treks that you can venture on across Machu Picchu, to the Inca trails across the Amazon. June is the perfect time to do all of that and more as the rain season has pretty much subsided in the region, making it prime, perfect and ready!

You can also indulge yourself in a little bit of culture, with the Inti Raymi festivals that are celebrated in courtesy and ties to the sun god which dates back to 1430 A.C. It can become quite the beautiful spectacle where hundreds of people gather to spend and celebrate the heritage of Peru.

Land of the Pharaohs

Conde Nast, an esteemed travel media source has long featured the ancient lands of the Pharaohs, labelling it as a culturally rich experience that all must visit at least once in their lifetime. They are absolutely right. June is also the perfect time to visit as it is just before the weather gets really hot and humid, which can be too much for some to endure.

The heritage of the lands gives you history clearly presented through the pyramids and standing cities of old. You have the hotspot of the pyramids of Giza to witness, alongside the temples of Luxor, which are etched and so preserved considering they have stood for thousands and thousands of years. In addition to that, many tourists will take a boat cruise down the Nile, to lead them to the city of Aswan, which was once known as the land of gold. It can be a very relaxing alternative and release, in comparison to other busy counterparts of Egypt.

Urban and Rural Sites of Oslo

Last but not least we have one that you may not have expected for June, and that is Norway. Oslo has gotten itself a reputation for receiving visits only during the winter months, but this is where you could not get it more wrong if we are honest. It is such a beautiful destination to visit at the start of summer (and cheaper too). The most attractive things to do during June here include the Open-Air Museum, the beautiful Sørenga village district, and the multiple rooftop concerts and opera that get held there. We also should mention that hiking within the Nordmarka Forest and Østmarka Forest will certainly leave you happy and grounded for the rest of your visit. It has Nordic legends tied to it to promote peace, healing and serenity.


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