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The Best Auckland Skycity Activities

Auckland Skycity

What Makes Skycity Auckland A Great Place To Spend Your Time?

Open seven days a week, Skycity Auckland is an entertainment centre in New Zealand.

It is a premier centre for several events located in Auckland's central business district. Skycity Auckland occupies numerous levels of the Sky Tower, which is Auckland's tallest observation and telecommunication tower. Additionally, Skycity Auckland provides various services and activities that visitors can choose from to pamper and entertain themselves. Skycity is the only attraction located in the city with an operating casino. It is ideal for you if you are looking for a luxury gateway around Auckland.



Also, Skycity has several different services and facilities that you can enjoy when you decide to visit this incredible city. It has a luxurious environment that is made up of incredible theatre, several bars and restaurants, an active casino/ gaming zone, a convention centre, and some luxury hotels where you can stay if you have plans of spending some days in the city. Therefore, Skycity Auckland is a perfect place for indulgence and entertainment, making it a great place to spend your time in Auckland, New Zealand.

3 Great Activities To Do While In Auckland Skycity

Skycity Casino play: Playing games is one of the primary activities in Skycity New Zealand Casino. The popular Skycity casino provides excitement and entertainment to all visitors round the clock. When you visit Skycity Auckland, make sure you try your hand at the gaming machines found at SkyCity Auckland; or any of the many table games on offer, including some of the most common among casino game players such as Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack. Skycity Auckland has some rules and regulations that every visitor must adhere to.



First, to be allowed to enter the Skycity Auckland casino, you must be over 20 years of age. The casino's policy also requires you to have a tidy dress standard. On this note, sunglasses, dirty/ torn clothing, and jandals are not allowed in this place. There is also a regular schedule of events that are held each day at the Skycity Auckland entertainment complex throughout the year. The events are spread across different locations in and around the premier entertainment complex and can include live casino performances.

The SkyCity Auckland casino is equipped with a team of professionals who are always ready to offer a helping hand if you face any challenge while playing any game at the New Zealand SkyCity casino. Hence, if you get stuck at any point when playing a casino game at Skycity Auckland, you should not worry. Several friendly people at the SkyCity casino are more than willing to assist you whenever you get stuck.

Experiencing Skycity Hotel: An upmarket hotel right at the centre of the SkyCity entertainment complex, as a SkyCity hotel guest, you will enjoy a buffet breakfast at Andy's Burgers and bar during the weekdays. During the weekends (Saturday and Sunday), you will have a chance to enjoy the Fortuna buffet. There are also several wonderful cafes and restaurants within the SkyCity Auckland entertainment complex that are ideal for any preference or occasion. The SkyCity hotels provide a full concierge service, laundry services, and cardio room, among others. Additionally, at the SkyCity, you will spend a fantastic evening enjoying your mouth wetting meal at the Orbit 3600 dining restaurant on level 52 of the immediate Sky tower before heading out for a fantastic night at the Rouge bar, Aces bar, or Sammy's lounge to experience a more relaxed atmosphere.

Sky Tower Lighting: This is another very common activity at SkyCity Auckland and attracts a lot of people each year. The external lights on the Sky tower were switched to LED in late 2019, supporting the city's climate change commitment to reduce the overall carbon emission from the Sky tower lighting by approximately 10 %. Following the lights upgrade, the total number of external lights on the Sky tower has increased to light up Auckland's skyline truly. SkyCity repeatedly lights the tower for community initiatives that it supports financially, marking national holidays, specific milestones, or other events.

 The common colours include:

  • Green base and yellow top for Daffodil Day
  • Orange at the bottom - during Matariki celebrations
  • Rainbow - for significant events of the country's Rainbow community
  • Pink - NZ breast cancer awareness week and international mother's day
  • Red and Green – this lighting happen on the Christmas day
  • Green - St. Patrick's day
  • Red top - cure kids Red Nose day
  • The Sky tower lights are off during the Earth hour.

Extra fun activities to do in SkyCity

Sky jump: The sky jump that happens at the SkyCity Auckland is the highest jump in New Zealand. Standing at approximately 192 meters above Auckland city, jumping from this height is somehow breathtaking for several reasons. A sky jump can be described as a base jumping by a wire. It is literally like being a superhero or movie stuntman. You will fall very fast at a speed of roughly 85kph for around 11 seconds before landing smoothly at the Sky tower's base. This experience is tough for your mind to take but very easy on your body. Make sky jump an absolute must-do activity anytime you visit SkyCity Auckland.

Skywalk: Another extra activity you can do while at Skycity Auckland is skywalk. This activity pertains to walking around the external ring of the tallest building in New Zealand and the most famous structure in Auckland (the Sky tower). Standing at 192 meters above the city, taking a 360-degree view is an absolute breathe taking event. This activity is certainly not meant for the faint-hearted individuals as there are no handrails. Rest assured that while taking this activity, you will be safe. This is because your guide gives you appropriate observation while at the same time highlighting all the best bits of this fantastic city such as park hyatt and the bay area. Try optional challenges like leaning out on the edge if you are brave enough.


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