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Best Casino States in North America

Best Casino States in North America

Despite the surge in popularity of online gambling options, land-based gambling is still a very big deal. The past couple of years were rough on the industry thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic but everything is slowly picking pace.

Salve Italy

Salve, Italy Attracts More Foreign Travelers

Salve, in Southern Italy, is famous for sunsets, that set on fire the sea, facades and monuments. The sun dips into water giving us a thousand shades of red, among expanses of white wild lilies, terraces of red soil on the sea and handmade dry walls.

Senegal market

African Tour Guides Recount Painful History Of Slave Trade

Kakanakou Igor is looking for tourists in the West African nation of Benin. The tourist guide with a specialization in African civilization is at the historical Slave Road in the city of Ouidah, known for its role in the Atlantic slave trade from the 17th to 19th century.

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Banff, Canada

7 Scenic Hiking Destinations in the Americas

September 24, 2023 Tours
The Americas, stretching from the icy landscapes of Canada to the vibrant landscapes of South America, offer some of the most diverse and stunning hiking destinations in the world.

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