Chef Warit Jadpratum

Banyan Tree Samui Unveils ‘Samurai Dinner Set’, A Unique Culinary Journey into Japanese Kaiseki Tradition

Taking inspiration from Executive Sous Chef Warit Jadpratum‘s unique culinary skills, the Banyan Tree Samui resort in Thailand is now offering guests a taste of ancient Japan with their newly introduced “Samurai Dinner Set”. The lavish menu brings the refined art of kaiseki, a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, to Thailand’s picturesque beachfront.

For centuries, kaiseki has been served to royalty and special guests in Japan. Comprising multiple courses, each one intricately prepared and presented with utmost respect, this dining experience is both a feast for the eyes and palate. Simple ingredients like soup and rice are transformed into exquisite dishes, representing the epitome of Japanese culinary precision.

Chef Warit, lovingly known as Chef John, recalls his first introduction to Japanese cuisine when he started working at a Japanese restaurant in Bangkok at the tender age of 15. He quickly grasped the concept of omotenashi – the quintessential Japanese approach to hospitality, marked by meticulousness and deep-rooted respect, often associated with tea ceremonies and other cultural practices in Japan.

When Chef John joined Banyan Tree Samui in July last year, he sought to incorporate this meticulous craftwork into his cuisine. His kaiseki dinner series, now unveiled at the 5-star luxury hotel, is a testament to this aspiration.

Diners at the resort’s beachfront Sands Restaurant can now appreciate the sophistication of kaiseki, being served a dinner literally fit for a king. The menu is refreshed seasonally, reflecting Chef John’s focus on seasonal herbs. Current offerings include Japanese rib-eye steak with garlic and ginger, seared tuna sashimi in a ginger-soy-lime vinaigrette, Venus clams in miso broth, and sake-steamed tiger prawns.

But kaiseki, as Chef John emphasized, is more than just flavors. A truly memorable dining experience emerges from the harmonious blend of textures, colors, and aromas presented on the plate.

Banyan Tree Samui’s Samurai Dinner, the brainchild of Chef John, will be available once every fortnight, offering guests a unique and exquisite culinary journey into the heart of ancient Japanese dining traditions.

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