slate hotel management game

Hotel Simulation Game for General Managers

The SLATE Hotel is an interactive, 3D, high-fidelity virtual environment that takes players through the many responsibilities of a hotel general manager. SLATE stands for Strategic Learning and Training Experience.

You can play the game from the point of view of the general manager, interacting with staff and guests and making strategic decisions in the areas of front office operations, sales and marketing, food and beverage, accounting, human resources, and risk management.

During the game, players earn badges for completing levels that include the lobby audit, hallway audit, and guestroom audit to achieve the level of hotel expert. Arrows and pop-up boxes guide players to areas that require interaction.

Players can also track their progress by monitoring guest satisfaction and safety scores in real time, as well as reading social media comments about the property.

Studies have shown that trainees who have been taught using video games have an 11 percent higher factual knowledge level, a 14 percent higher skill-based knowledge level, and a 9 percent higher retention rate than trainees who did not have access to video game-based training.

Using a 3D virtual simulation approach to presenting content will take the learning experience to the next level-learners will be able to engage with the content in new and exciting ways.

The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation (AH&LEF), AHLEI is able to offer complimentary access to the first two levels of the SLATE Hotel simulation, as well as discounted pricing for the complete, eight-level program. The game is available for $39.95; $29.95 for AH&LA members and schools.

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