Mama Shelter London Opens

Mama Shelter London Opens


Are you looking for a home in London? For all the travelers that travel to London, MAMA will make sure it feels like home. A few steps away from the train at Cambridge Heath and Bethnal Green underground, Mama London opens its doors for travelers.

Whether passing through or working for a spell, Mama Shelter makes a home for the many weary travelers that visit this enduring capital. MAMA wants to make a place where you’ll be comfortable, but also where you’ll be yourself and have fun. A home-cooked meal and somewhere to meet up, we want to make a place where everyone in London can pass through and feel taken care of by their own mama. 

Denizens of London have known for generations how culturally rich and inclusive the British capital is.  At Mama Shelter, we embody the necessity of kindness, with both warmth and generosity. All of our staff welcome the weary guest looking for a haven of tranquility. It’s welcome with open arms into Mama’s family.

More than a typical hotel experience, we wanted to make you feel as if you were at home. The feel of an English cottage featuring hanging macramé and lace napkins, dark woody interiors and stretches of velour and a fireplace to cuddle near when it’s chilly outside.  It’s a home with an open door leading to the most vibrant and lively city in the world. 

Mama London is both cozy and connected, warm in every sense of the word. MAMA will take care of you. At a long table where everyone has a seat, you’ll find a home-cooked meal in our huge restaurant with a lovely and spacious patio. 

With the best of all things, here is the snugness of home with the freedom of being cut from the quotidian. It’s all about MAMA loving you. With several ateliers and a vast lobby, there are plenty of places to work and to gather, along with a private dining room and a couple of karaoke rooms to sing your heart out.

With cutting-edge design elements specially crafted by Dion & Arles, Mama London has 195 rooms available – each is a sanctuary with the comfort of home coupled with all the needs of digital modernity, from spacious king-size beds to high-speed WIFI.

MAMA loves to overturn convention. With their quirky design, plush bedding and smart tech, its rooms are welcome hideaways, as comfortable as they are smart. Guests can watch TV, listen to the radio and stream content from their phones. But that’s not all! 

Stay entertained with a range of free movies (blockbusters, cartoons, X-rated movies, etc.) and the cherry on top? You can create personal souvenirs of your stay at Mama Shelter with the Photobooth and Video booth integrated into our platform. 

We make good on our words with the MAMA SKIN range of organic cosmetics, designed in partnership with Absolution. Some of the products come with your room, and more are available in our store which is a chance to bring the unusual and forward-thinking mentality of Mama’s world into their home.

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