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American Airlines Booking Glitch: 101-Year-Old Mistaken for Baby

A humorous yet troubling glitch in American Airlines’ booking system repeatedly misidentifies a 101-year-old woman, Patricia, as a baby due to her birth year being recorded as 2022 instead of 1922.

This error has led to several mix-ups during her travels, the latest of which was reported by BBC during a flight from Chicago to Marquette, Michigan.

Patricia, who has chosen to withhold her surname, finds the mistake amusing but also problematic. On one occasion, the error resulted in the lack of necessary transport within the terminal, as staff were expecting a baby, not a centenarian needing assistance.

During the booking process, Patricia’s daughter, Kris, encountered the issue when the airline’s system defaulted to a birth year 100 years in the future. This confusion has occurred before, with airport staff unprepared for Patricia’s actual needs as an elderly passenger.

Despite the ongoing issue, Patricia, a former nurse, praises American Airlines staff for their kindness and assistance amidst the confusion. The airline, however, has not yet commented on the recurring system error.

The implications of the glitch extend beyond minor inconveniences. On a previous flight, a lack of appropriate accommodations like a wheelchair caused significant difficulties for Patricia and her daughter after other passengers had deplaned.

Patricia, who traveled independently until the age of 97, now relies on her family due to declining eyesight. She remains undeterred by the technical problems and looks forward to her next flight in the autumn, hoping that by then, the glitch will be rectified.

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