ANA Partners with Kaoru Mitoma

ANA Partners with Japan National Team Star Kaoru Mitoma to Unite the World in Wonder

In an exciting collaboration, All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest airline and a 5-Star carrier for a decade, has announced a partnership agreement with renowned Japan National Team football player, Kaoru Mitoma.

The agreement, signed on June 1, 2023, solidifies ANA’s commitment to unite the world in wonder and support Mitoma’s inspiring journey.

Kaoru Mitoma, who currently plays for Brighton & Hove Albion FC and the Japan National Team, has gained recognition for his unwavering determination and spirit. Fans fondly remember his “One-Millimeter Miracle” during the 2022 World Cup, which showcased his extraordinary skills and passion for the sport. Mitoma’s dedication has made him an inspiring figure in Japan, motivating others to pursue their passions both within the country and globally.

The airline industry has faced significant challenges in recent years, particularly due to the global pandemic. As ANA overcomes these obstacles, it has established a new management vision, “Uniting the World in Wonder,” which reflects the company’s passion and commitment to shaping a better future. Recognizing Mitoma’s embodiment of the same spirit, ANA offered him a partnership agreement to provide comprehensive support for his endeavors.

Shinichi Inoue, President and CEO of ANA, expressed his admiration for Mitoma’s inspiring work ethic and continuous growth as a player. Inoue stated, “Mr. Mitoma’s values align closely with those of the ANA Group. We are fully committed to supporting him and, through this partnership, delivering joy and excitement to our customers worldwide. We eagerly anticipate building a strong relationship with Mr. Mitoma, exploring new avenues for collaboration, and creating unforgettable experiences together.”

Mitoma himself expressed his happiness at joining forces with ANA, emphasizing how the airline’s support will enable him to maintain peak performance and focus on the game he loves. Together with ANA, his goal is to meet the hopes, dreams, and expectations of passionate football supporters worldwide.

Mitoma’s rise to prominence has been exceptional. After joining Kawasaki Frontale (J1) from the University of Tsukuba in 2020, he quickly made his mark. As a rookie, he played 30 games, scored 13 goals (setting a rookie record), and provided 12 assists, becoming the first rookie in J-League history to win the assists title. His outstanding performance contributed significantly to Kawasaki Frontale’s championship victory.

In August 2021, Mitoma announced his transfer to Brighton & Hove Albion FC, a Premier League club in England. He later moved to the Belgian First Division A club, Royal Union Saint-Giroudes, where he continued to showcase his talent, scoring seven goals in 27 appearances and helping the team achieve a breakthrough season. In July 2022, he returned to Brighton, where he made significant contributions, scoring eight goals and assisting three in the 22/23 season, including a Cup final.

Mitoma’s journey extends to the international stage, representing Japan in the 2022 World Cup held in Qatar. He played in every game, leading Japan to the best 16 for the second consecutive tournament. His performances garnered praise and admiration from football fans worldwide.

The partnership between ANA and Kaoru Mitoma represents a union of shared values, determination, and a commitment to excellence. As ANA continues to overcome challenges in the airline industry, this collaboration will serve as a beacon of inspiration and deliver excitement to fans across the globe, uniting the world in wonder.

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