ANA's selection of Japanese sake for its first and business class guests

ANA Elevates Inflight Experience with New Sake and Shochu Selection

All Nippon Airways (ANA), celebrated as Japan’s premier airline for the eleventh year running, is set to enhance its onboard and lounge offerings with a new range of Japanese sake and shochu starting March 1.

The selection, curated by esteemed sake advisor Yasuyuki Kitahara, encompasses 62 distinct brands, blending timeless favorites with contemporary choices for a refined taste experience.

First and business class passengers on ANA international flights, premium class passengers on domestic flights and visitors at the “ANA SUITE LOUNGE” and “ANA LOUNGE” for both international and domestic flights will have access to the new selection.

Tomoji Ishii, ANA’s Executive Vice President of Customer Experience Management and Planning, expressed enthusiasm for the update, emphasizing the airline’s dedication to enriching the ANA experience with a taste of Japan’s rich culinary heritage.

A special highlight awaits first-class international passengers in August 2024, as they will be treated to an exclusive preview of “IWA 5 Assemblage5” before its public release in September.

Japanese shochu for ANA passengers
Selection of Japanese shochu

IWA” is a sake brand from the Toyama prefecture created by Richard Jofrowa, former Chief Brewer of Dom Pérignon, that utilizes the innovative “Assemblage” blending technique. Since the launch of IWA 5 Assemblage 1 in 2020, a new Assemblage has been produced every year, with IWA 5 Assemblage 5 becoming available in September 2024.

Moreover, customers will also have the chance to sample recommended shochu ahead of onboard and lounge service.

These tasting will be offered at “ANA SUITE LOUNGE” and “ANA LOUNGE” for international flights at Tokyo Haneda and Narita airports from February 16 to February 29, 2024.

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