Terminal movie becomes real in Istanbul

Been Living at Istanbul Airport for 2 Months! Decision made for Iranian Academician

For the past two months, Dr. Shiva Kaviani, an Iranian academic previously residing in Toronto, Canada, has been living at Istanbul Airport.

Dr. Kaviani returned to Iran after her residency in Canada expired and then applied for a visa to return to Canada.

Upon receiving a rejection for her Canadian visa, the Iranian academic traveled to Turkiye (Turkey) and stayed some time in Ankara in hopes of reapplying for the visa.

After facing another rejection in Ankara, Dr. Kaviani found herself back at Istanbul Airport. The situation of Iranian academic Dr. Shiva Kaviani brings to mind Tom Hanks’ role in the movie “The Terminal”.

Unable to return to Canada and unwilling to go back to Iran, Dr. Kaviani spent approximately two months living at Istanbul Airport. Following media coverage of the Iranian female passenger’s predicament, airport police contacted the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management.

After discussions, Dr. Shiva Kaviani was handed over to the teams of the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management for the completion of her procedures. The Iranian academic will stay at the Silivri Repatriation Center until her paperwork is finalized.

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Any updates? i know this lady. I live in Toronto, Canada. Please email me at [email protected] for more information. Thank you!

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