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British Airways Advises White Bras for Crew Due to Sheer Uniforms

British Airways has recently amended its uniform policy after facing backlash over the transparency of its new female cabin crew blouses. The initial policy, which suggested female staff wear plain white or nude undergarments without any lace, patterns, or writing, drew criticism from crew members and the flight attendants‘ union.

The policy change was first reported by The Sun, which highlighted the humiliation faced by some crew members who were questioned by passengers about their bras. In response to the negative feedback, British Airways has now removed the controversial recommendation from its uniform guidelines.

A spokesperson for British Airways, in a statement to Business Insider, said, “We’ve removed a recommendation from our uniform guidelines and will continue to listen to our colleagues about what works best for them.” The airline clarified that it does not dictate the underwear choice of its crew, emphasizing that the guidelines are meant to be flexible and responsive to feedback.

The British Airways Stewards and Stewardess’ Union expressed its concerns over having to discuss the permissible types of underwear for female members in the year 2023, as reported by Paddle Your Own Kanoo. The Union also pointed out that the need for such a discussion could have been avoided if the blouse design was not transparent initially.

The new uniform, designed by Ozwald Boateng, was first announced by British Airways in January and represented the UK flag carrier’s first major uniform update in almost two decades. The rollout of the new pilot and flight attendant uniforms took place in late September.

This is not the first time British Airways has encountered criticism over its uniform transparency. In 2019, the Unite union’s then-assistant general secretary highlighted concerns about the old white shirt’s transparency, accusing the airline of sexualizing the uniform. She emphasized that it was neither appropriate nor acceptable for women to be placed in a demeaning situation at work due to their choice of undergarments.

The recent policy revision by British Airways reflects a growing awareness and sensitivity towards workplace attire and gender-related issues. It underscores the importance of considering employee comfort and dignity in corporate uniform policies. The airline’s willingness to adapt its guidelines based on staff feedback demonstrates a commitment to a respectful and inclusive work environment.

This development also signifies the evolving nature of corporate governance, where employee feedback plays a crucial role in shaping policies. As British Airways continues to navigate these challenges, its response to the uniform controversy serves as an example of how corporations can effectively address and rectify issues raised by their employees.

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