EasyJet Easter Flight Cancellations


With a combination of school holidays and a long bank holiday, Easter has traditionally been a time for family getaways.

Of course, travel plans for the last couple of years have been up in the air so for many, this Easter was the perfect opportunity to head off on an international holiday and see life return a little more to normal. However, as we know there are still issues with Coronavirus, as large numbers of people remain poorly with the disease and as such, companies are often having to adjust opening hours and service levels and currently EasyJet appears to be one of those companies affected. As a result, numerous EasyJet flights are being cancelled each day.

Flight Cancellations This Week

This week there have been around 60 flights to and from the UK have been cancelled each day due to staff absences. The airline says they have been forced to cancel a large number of flights each day due to the fact that the number of staff off work each day is around double their usual numbers. Currently, they are contacting customers directly and talking them through the different options they have around rescheduling flights; although this can be tricky because with so many cancelled flights each day the options are limited for when they can be rebooked to. Of course, the airline says they are doing everything that can to avoid ongoing flight cancellations but with Easter fast approaching and staff illness levels still high it is thought that flights will continue to be cancelled throughout the holidays.

If You’re Still Travelling

Even those who are able to go on holiday because their flights have not been cancelled are being affected by lower staff levels – with security checks, check-in points and even queues for hospitality in airports proving much longer than usual. The advice given to travellers is to make sure that they check what documents they need before they travel and have these within easy reach when you are at the airport – so when you do get to the point where your documents are checked you can move through as quickly as possible.

Keeping Everyone Happy

If you’re travelling, then it is worth considering how you are going to keep everyone happy during periods of long delay. You might want to make sure you’re prepared with plenty of snacks and games to play. You don’t have to take anything extravagant, even a packet of playing cards can be enough to entertain for a few hours. If you want to keep entertained, then you can even set a challenge such as learning Blackjack split rules and put this into practice next time you play. Card games are a great way to keep them entertained, and we all know that a deck of cards don’t take up too much room at all, so throwing them in your hand luggage to take them with you doesn’t need to be too much hassle.

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