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ITA Airways Expands its Loyalty Program

Volare, ITA Airways’ loyalty program, is launching AVVENTURA, the new program specifically designed for families travelling with their children.

Kids aged between 2 and 15 can now enrol in Volare and will automatically become members of the AVVENTURA program. As for adults, kids will initially join the SMART Club and then continue to grow, earning points and gradually making their way into the higher PLUS, PREMIUM and EXECUTIVE clubs.

With AVVENTURA, the Volare program further enhances its tailor-made approach and reaches out to children and young people who, previously could only join from the age of 16.

In addition, program members with children can now unlock the “Create a Family” function for transferring and pooling non-qualifying Volare points up to a maximum of 100,000 a year among the members of a family group, by connecting the Volare accounts of at least 1 adult and 1 minor and a maximum of 2 adults and 6 minors.

“We are delighted to introduce the AVVENTURA program, which is tailored to young travellers, and designed to expand the scope of the Volare loyalty program. All good things come in threes and this new addition to Volare comes after the previous two dedicated to businesses and SMEs (small and medium size enterprises) – said Emiliana Limosani, Chief Commercial Officer of ITA Airways & CEO of Volare We are consistently committed to offering custom-tailored solutions to all our Volare program members, who have grown to over 1.8 million in just two years, and as of today also to kids who are travelling with their families on our Company’s aircraft”.

Just like members of the Volare program, thanks to AVVENTURA, young travellers will now be able to earn Volare points by purchasing flights sold and operated by ITA Airways and by availing of the products and services of the Volare program partners. They will also be able to use accumulated Volare points to reach ITA Airways destinations by purchasing tickets through Cash&Points or to benefit from the services of Volare program partners.

Finally, qualifying Volare points can be used to join subsequent Clubs and enjoy all the related benefits.

Volare has outsourced the design of the visual identity of AVVENTURA to Future Brand, which has come up with a simple and soft style featuring natural elements representing the sky, earth and sea, which blend harmoniously into an imaginative landscape. These elements are also reproduced on the Club membership cards of the AVVENTURA program, which have been specifically redesigned for the young members. Like adult Volare members, depending on the tier they belong to, kids will also be issued a personal Volare AVVENTURA card, with SMART, PLUS and PREMIUM Club cards in digital format, while EXECUTIVE Club members will receive a physical card and a Welcome Kit.

In the coming months, Volare will expand the offer dedicated to kids by working with selected partners to guarantee more exclusive services and benefits for the young members of the AVVENTURA program and by designing specific products to meet their needs.

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