Icelandic low-cost airline PLAY

Icelandic Airline PLAY Grows and Hires Flight Attendants


The Icelandic airline PLAY is pressing ahead with its expansion after the first successful months of flight operations. As the airline grows, it announces its largest hiring yet.

The airline is adding a new destination to its route network, Amsterdam, and is leasing four more aircraft.

From December 3, 2021, PLAY will initially fly twice a week – on Monday and Friday – from the Dutch capital to Reykjavik. PLAY is thus following its current concept of making uncomplicated weekend trips to Iceland possible through the flight days. The flights start in Amsterdam around noon and arrive in Reykjavik in the early afternoon. The return flights leave Reykjavik early in the morning and land in Amsterdam in the late morning.

“For a few weeks now, we have been feeling a huge increase in demand and are noticing that people are now more and more willing to go on trips. So now is the perfect time to expand our network in Europe and offer our passengers low fares to and from Amsterdam, “says Birgir Jónsson, CEO of PLAY.

PLAY’s fleet continues to grow

PLAY is currently using three bright red Airbus A321neo to connect Reykjavik to various destinations in Europe. This will change in 2022: PLAY has signed a leasing contract with the global leasing group GECAS for three new Airbus A320s and one Airbus A321NX. The aircraft will be delivered between autumn 2022 and spring 2023. In August 2021, PLAY also signed a letter of intent for two Airbus A320neo, which will be added to the fleet in spring 2022, so that passengers from Europe can travel to North America via Reykjavik.

“We look forward to adding more aircraft to the PLAY fleet. Our long-term goal is to make PLAY a leading brand in our market and our partnership with GECAS, a leading international aircraft lessor, is a step in that direction. We consciously include ecological and ethical variables in our decision-making. Acquiring these fuel efficient aircraft will help us meet our growth targets and we look forward to the opportunities ahead, ”said Birgir Jónsson.

play flight staff

Icelandic Airline PLAY hires 100 flight attendants

The Icelandic low-cost airline PLAY has advertised positions for 100 flight attendants for the airline’s growth next summer. PLAY will also be advertising positions for 50 pilots next week. This marks the largest hiring yet for PLAY and it will double the number of employees.

The plan is based on PLAY’s growth in the coming year as PLAY has already secured three more aircraft next spring, totalling six aircraft next summer. A further four aircraft will be added in 2023 which will require still more hiring.

The Time is Right to Hire Now

PLAY welcomes applications from experienced as well as inexperienced flight attendants. The PLAY crews have already caught the attention of international travellers for their comfortable and low-key clothing which clearly represents the PLAY idea of effortless travel as well as mirroring the good moral within the company.

“We have been deliberately careful in all our plans due to the current situation in the world but as the local tourism is showing signs of health and travel restrictions are being rolled back, we believe it is time to begin hiring for our growth next summer. To say the least, I am truly excited to welcome new members to our team and we are also proud to be able to provide all these new jobs. We have exciting times ahead of us, and not only that, but it is going to be fun too,” states Birgir Jónsson.

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