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Real-Time Bag Tracking: Eurowings’ New Strategy with SITA Bag Journey


Eurowings has embarked on a new strategy by entering into a five-year contract with SITA for the deployment of SITA Bag Journey, a solution offering real-time tracking information of passenger bags throughout their journey. This innovative approach is set to revolutionize baggage operations, significantly improving the experience for passengers while simultaneously reducing the costs associated with mishandled baggage.

SITA Bag Journey provides a comprehensive, end-to-end view of a bag’s journey, from the moment a passenger checks in their baggage to when they collect it upon arrival. This system ensures that Eurowings staff are equipped with precise, real-time details of each bag’s location, including its whereabouts within the airport. Looking ahead, the airline plans to leverage the SITA Bag Journey API to share baggage tracking data directly with passengers, offering them peace of mind and assurance that their bags will arrive with them at their destination.

Mishandled baggage has long been a significant pain point in the aviation industry, incurring billions in annual costs. According to SITA’s 2023 Baggage IT Insights, the rate of mishandled baggage surged by 74.7% in 2022, reaching 7.6 bags per thousand passengers. This increase is largely attributed to the spike in passenger travel post-pandemic. Additionally, the ongoing staffing challenges faced by airlines, airports, and ground handlers have prompted the industry to seek more efficient solutions. Technologies like SITA Bag Journey are at the forefront of this transformation, enabling the industry to achieve more with less.

The implementation of SITA’s Bag Journey means that Eurowings will be in full compliance with IATA’s baggage tracking resolution 753. This resolution mandates airlines to track bags at four key stages: check-in, loading onto an aircraft, transfers, and arrival. SITA will integrate this solution across most airports from which Eurowings operates. Furthermore, the integration of SITA’s WorldTracer® application, which traces mishandled or delayed baggage, will further enhance the efficiency of the system. In smaller airports, Eurowings will have the option to use SITA’s mobile bag scanning solution, SITA Bag Journey NetScan, for tracking purposes.

Sergio Colella, SITA President for Europe, emphasized the importance of timely baggage delivery and knowing its location during the journey as key elements of a great travel experience and essential drivers for customer satisfaction. He remarked, “This agreement underscores Eurowings’ continuous dedication to delivering a great passenger experience while achieving significant efficiencies on the operational side.”

Eurowings’ adoption of SITA Bag Journey represents a proactive step towards addressing one of the most critical aspects of passenger satisfaction – baggage handling. By leveraging real-time tracking technology, Eurowings not only enhances the passenger experience but also positions itself as a forward-thinking airline in the competitive aviation industry. This move is a clear indication of the airline’s commitment to innovation and customer service excellence.

As the aviation industry continues to recover and evolve post-pandemic, the focus on efficient, technology-driven solutions is more pronounced than ever. Eurowings’ partnership with SITA for the Bag Journey solution is a testament to the airline’s adaptability and dedication to improving the overall travel experience. This strategic move is likely to set a new standard in baggage management, inspiring other airlines to follow suit in adopting advanced technologies to address operational challenges and enhance customer satisfaction.

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