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Istanbul Hosts Prestigious European Heart Surgery Congress

Heart and vascular diseases remain the leading cause of death worldwide. Therefore, the scientific community is intensely focused on this area. Each day, new surgeries and treatment methods are announced.

This year, the world’s leading heart surgeons will gather in Istanbul for the 72nd European Heart and Vascular Surgery Congress. The event will be hosted by Professor Dr. Ergun Demirsoy, who is the President Elect of the European Heart and Vascular Surgery Association.

The congress will take place from May 25-28 at the Bakırköy Hilton Hotel. Renowned surgeons from both Turkey and around the world will come together to share their experiences with their peers.

doctors in a heart surgery

Professor Dr. Ergun Demirsoy, the head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Kolan Hospital, will perform a live heart surgery during the congress. This surgery will be broadcast live to attendees.

Heart and vascular diseases continue to be a major cause of death today. This congress provides a unique platform to discuss new developments in this field and share best practices. By bringing together cardiovascular surgeons from around the world, the congress will open doors to significant advances in healthcare.

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