Tom Hanks' 'Terminal' Revisited Istanbul Airport

Tom Hanks’ Terminal Movie Comes to Life at Istanbul Airport

In an event mirroring the plot of Tom Hanks’ film “Terminal,” Dr. Shiva Kaviani found herself living at Istanbul Airport due to a complex web of visa issues.

The saga began when Kaviani, who had been residing in Toronto, Canada, traveled to Iran after her residency expired. Her journey took an unexpected turn when Canada denied her visa application.

Upon her visa rejection in Iran, Kaviani entered Turkey through the Gürbulak Border Gate in January. Her hopes were dashed again in Ankara, where her application for a Canadian visa was refused, leaving her stranded without a country to return to, reported Sozcu.

Terminal movie becomes real in Istanbul

Kaviani’s refusal to go back to Iran led her to Istanbul Airport, where she has been living for more than a month. With the help of the airport staff, she navigated her days in the departure area, her belongings in tow on a baggage cart.

A scholar with publications in the medical field, Kaviani found rest on the departure level’s seating areas, making the airport benches her temporary bed. She turned down interview requests from the media, expressing frustration over the situation.

News of Kaviani’s departure from the airport came after her story garnered media attention, drawing comparisons to “Terminal,” where Tom Hanks’ character is trapped in JFK airport due to a coup in his homeland.

Kaviani’s real-life ordeal at Istanbul Airport highlights the unexpected challenges and bureaucratic hurdles faced by international travelers.

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