Syracuse Sicily, Siracusa in Italian

Syracuse Sicily and its environs: discover its wonders on a deluxe vacation

The enchanted Syracuse (Siracusa in Italian) is located on the territory of Sicily, in South Italy. This town is rich in thousand-year history and centuries-old traditions and offers its visitors a wide range of activities and attractions to explore during their stay. Siracusa offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the crystal waters of its sea, inviting unforgettable aquatic adventures.

Sports lovers will find a paradise for their passions in Siracusa, with the possibility of practicing activities like water sports and hiking. During your stay in Siracusa, you will have the opportunity to stay in one of its luxurious villas, and we will be happy to recommend the best villas available, guaranteeing you a stay full of comfort and luxury.

Founded by the Greeks in 734 BC, Siracusa boasts an ancient and glorious history that has its roots in antiquity, making it one of the oldest and most fascinating cities in Europe. Recognized as a UNESCO, Siracusa jealously preserves its rich historical and artistic heritage, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in an exciting journey through its ancient ruins.

What can you see in Siracusa

Siracusa, a city full of treasures to discover and experiences to live in! When it comes to planning what to see during your visit, the options are truly endless and amazing:

  • The Neapolis Archaeological Park is certainly an essential stop, with its iconic sites that date back to ancient Greece. Don’t miss the majestic Greek Theatre, where art and culture come to life under the blue Sicilian sky, the enigmatic Ear of Dionysius, a cave with extraordinary acoustics that still enchants visitors today, and the evocative Grotta dei Cordari, a place surrounded by mystery and charm.
  • The Paolo Orsi Regional Archaeological Museum is a true treasure chest, where ancient finds tell the thousand-year history of Sicily and its civilizations.
  • Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Lacrime, a place of devotion and spirituality that is enchanting with its modern architecture and its serene atmosphere.

Also, you have to explore the neighboring towns, such as the splendid country of Noto, famous for its splendid baroque and its fascinating historic streets. In short, Siracusa and the surroundings await you with an incredible variety of places to discover and experiences to live in absolutely relax and fun, ready to give you unforgettable emotions and indelible memories.

Ortygia, Sicily

Ortygia, the historic centre of Syracuse

Among the beautiful things you can see in Siracusa, there is first of all its fascinating historic center. I’m talking about the island of Ortygia (Ortigia in Italian) connected to the mainland by two bridges.

Exploring Ortygia on foot and getting lost in its picturesque streets admiring the baroque buildings all around until you reach the romantic seafront is an unmissable experience and allows you to discover many hidden gems along the way.

Monuments of Ortygia

Here is a list of monuments that you can find and visit in Ortygia:

  • The Cathedral of Syracuse, located in the Piazza del Duomo, is an imposing church built on the ancient Greek temple of Minerva. Its baroque facade and mix of architectural styles make it fascinating. Inside, many statues by the Italian sculptor Gagini are preserved, including those of the Virgin, Santa Lucia and the Madonna della Neve.
  • Fonte Aretusa is an ancient freshwater spring that forms a small semicircular lake surrounded by papyrus plants. According to legend, the nymph Arethusa transformed herself into a spring to escape the river god Alpheus, making it an enchanting place to walk and admire the sunset.
  • The remains of the Temple of Apollo, dating back to the 6th century BC, are one of the oldest examples of Greek architecture in Syracuse. Every day, except Sunday, the Ortygia market is held near the temple, offering fresh local products and an immersion in the local gastronomic culture.
  • The Maniace Castle, built in the 13th century during the Norman period, is one of the symbolic monuments of Syracuse. Overlooking the sea, offers a spectacular view of Ortygia and is also used for cultural events.

Other places to visit include the Beneventano Palace, the Alfeo seafront, the Paolo Regional Archaeological Museum Orsi and the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Lacrime.

Where to go to the beach near Siracusa

Sicily is famous for its splendid beaches, and the sea of Siracusa is absolutely no exception. When it comes to choosing a beach to go to, it’s important to consider several personal criteria, but you can’t go wrong here if you read this detailed list specially structured for you.

Here is the list of five of the most beautiful beaches in Siracusa that are worth a visit:

  1. Avola Beach: located near the town, it’s perfect for those seeking comfort and relaxation. Equipped with umbrellas and deckchairs, it is ideal for families with children and offers a crystal-clear turquoise sea ideal for snorkeling.
  1. San Lorenzo di Noto Beach: close to the Vendicari Nature Reserve, this beach offers an expanse of sand interspersed with rocky areas. With a seabed that slopes slowly, it is suitable for families and less experienced swimmers, and the sea is clean and clear.
  1. Calamosche Beach: a true terrestrial oasis in the Vendicari Reserve, with a natural and wild environment that instantly captivates. The inlet immersed in the Mediterranean scrub offers the opportunity to enjoy the sun or explore the coast and the rich seabed.
  1. Vendicari Reserve Beach: inside the reserve, this beach offers a sandy beach, crystal clear waters and the presence of important archaeological sites. It is a free beach, so it is advisable to bring your own lunch and drinks but loved for its natural beauty and the transparency of the water.
  1. Fontane Bianche Beach: located about 15 kilometers from Syracuse, this beach offers three kilometers of coastline with white sand and an enchanting sea.

Watersports and hiking in Siracusa

In the wonderful sea of Siracusa, the opportunity to practice water sports is not only easy but practically a severe must! The possibilities are so varied that there is something for every taste and preference.

Here you can indulge in a wide range of water activities for an unforgettable experience full of big emotions, including:

  • Tour of the island of Ortygia with exploration of the sea caves and the possibility of swimming
  • Boat tours to enjoy the beauty of the sea and surrounding coasts
  • Diving and snorkeling to explore the rich underwater world of the area
  • Fishing charters and tours for sport fishing lovers
  • Submarine tours to explore the underwater wonders without having to get wet.
  • Fish watching for a unique experience in contact with marine fauna


And for active vacationers exploring Siracusa, there are some hiking routes you can enjoy for your vacation in Syracuse:

  1. Circular hike through the Cavagrande nature reserve: this trail leads through the breathtaking Cavagrande nature reserve, featuring limestone gorges carved by the Cassibile River. While some sections may be wet and slippery, the reward is discovering natural pools nestled within the reserve. Fit and sure-footed hikers will revel in the stunning views of Sicily’s Grand Canyon and the tranquil lakes along the river.
  2. Hiking on the Maddalena Peninsula: this route meanders along picturesque bays with white cliffs and sparkling turquoise waters, offering a feast for sea enthusiasts. As you trek, admire the diverse marine life of the Plemmirio marine reserve visible throughout the hike.
  3. Necropolis of Pantalica: embark on an exhilarating hike amidst the imposing gorge landscape of Monti Iblei. Explore the UNESCO-listed chambered gorges and fascinating relics of ancient civilizations. Many of these chambers can be explored from within, providing a glimpse into the past.
  4. Noto: begin your journey at Belvedere for stunning hilltop views before strolling along tree-lined streets adorned with local stalls. Admire the Sicilian Baroque architecture along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, including the grand Cathedral and Palazzo Ducezio and explore picturesque squares adorned with fountains.
  5. Marzamemi, the ancient fishing village: start from the nearby car park and wander through the quaint streets. Immerse yourself in the maritime ambiance, with colorful alleys adorned with local ceramics.

Where To Stay

It is known that to have a unique experience and have a luxury holiday, you need to stay in a wonderful villa that has many luxury things like a swimming pool and all the necessary comforts, such as free WiFi, kitchen, private parking, easy access to beaches and much more.

Luxury villa with swimming pool in Siracusa, Sicily - Italy

Fortunately, this city has many villas equipped with these advantages, and you have to know that you can find the best Siracusa Villas through the “Select Sicily” travel agency, where you can find the perfect solution for you and any companions with you, to spend a luxury and relaxing holiday in Siracusa and the surrounding areas.

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