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Türkiye and Italy to Merge Bids for 2032 UEFA European Championship, Confirms UEFA

In an unprecedented move, the Türkiye and Italy football federations have officially decided to merge their individual bids for hosting the 2032 UEFA European Championship, as confirmed by UEFA on Friday.

The proposed merger signifies an innovative approach to hosting mega sporting events, reflecting the collaborative spirit of the European football fraternity.

UEFA explained the move in a recent statement, detailing the history of the current bidding process. The football body launched the bidding process back in 2021 for the hosting of two consecutive editions of the European Championship, specifically for the years 2028 and 2032. The Türkiye Football Federation (TFF) submitted bids for both editions, whereas the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) opted to bid only for the 2032 edition.

Interestingly, a joint bid to host the 2028 edition has also been placed by five associations, namely England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. This represents another collaborative move within the European football community, presenting a fascinating twist to the usual bidding process.

UEFA is set to work with the federations of Türkiye and Italy closely, ensuring that the necessary documentation for their joint bid aligns with the requirements of the bidding process.

The bids will undergo evaluation by the UEFA administration over the next few months, with a final decision scheduled for Oct. 10. The Executive Committee will cast their votes to determine the successful hosts of the 2028 and 2032 European Championship editions.

Earlier this year in April, the Türkiye Football Federation submitted a final bid to host the 2032 edition separately. However, the current decision to merge with Italy promises a unique and exciting prospect for the 2032 UEFA European Championship. (AA)

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